Square Enix Debuts Final Fantasy XVI Story Trailer During PlayStation Showcase

Square Enix continued its build to Final Fantasy XVI‘s release with a new trailer centered on the game’s story as part of the May 24 PlayStation Showcase.

This action role-playing game is set to release June 22 exclusively on PlayStation 5 for at least six months. This trailer reveal comes shortly after Square Enix offered a multi-hour preview of gameplay for select members of the media.

Video Credit: PlayStation

The trailer, called Salvation, focused heavily on the story the game will tell. It featured clips of protagonist Clive Rosfield and his interactions with the world of Valisthea and other characters.

There were also a good showcase of the combat and some of the enemies players will encounter throughout their adventures. The Eikons, or Summons from previous games, also featured during the trailer along with their stylized battles.

Clive and company will work to take control of a world that includes the effects of war and the perceived protection of the Mothercrystals.

The game is set to follow Clive at various points in his life including his teenaged years, his 20s, and his 30s. The trailer appeared to give glimpses of these points.

This game is already shaping up to be much different than previous entries in the mainline Final Fantasy franchise. The game will carry a Mature rating and the trailer showcased some of the darker elements of the story that help it get to that rating.

Gameplay will also largely differ from the past as it will borrow from action-oriented titles such as Devil May Cry and God of War. The story itself seems to take a lot of inspiration from Game of Thrones, invoking a dark fantasy tale rather than the lighter stories in previous entries.

Square Enix first announced Final Fantasy XVI in 2020, officially giving it a release date last year during The Game Awards. There has been a lot of anticipation for this entry as Final Fantasy XV drew mixed reviews.

What are your thoughts on the new Final Fantasy XVI trailer? Has the recent preview and trailer increased your anticipation for the game? Let us know in the comments below or head over to our Discord channel to join the conversation.

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Source: PlayStation Blog

Featured Image: Square Enix (via PlayStation Blog)

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