Boss Rush Banter: What Are Your Favorite SNES Games From Nintendo Switch Online’s Library?

One quality I love about the Nintendo Switch is the NSO membership plans come with retro consoles and a satisfying library. I’m interested to hear everyone’s favorite SNES titles from the NSO library. Here are five of my favorites!

Yoshi’s Island

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The Super Nintendo was full of wonderful games that still hold great quality, and a perfect example would be Yoshi’s Island. Nothing makes me panic more than having to save a crying baby Mario anytime Yoshi gets hit. This side scrolling adventure game has fun ways to engage with enemies and get to new areas. Yoshi can eat a lot of enemies and turn them into a Yoshi egg which is then used for timely aimed combat and ways to unlock other areas in the level. Yoshis Island is full of life, joy, and fun level designs to keep every moment playing a unique experience. This is one of the first games I was able to complete 100%, and to this day, is very addicting when I play it on the Switch. I couldn’t think of a better place for these SNES games.


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Earthbound is a new one to me because I missed out on the experience as a child, and I couldn’t imagine the impact it would have had on me early on with the love I have today for JRPGs. I started playing this recently and have easily put 20+ hours into this silly, fun, and unique game. I’ve always seen the main protagonist Ness and wondered why he is such a big deal, but now I know. The story is confusing at first but unravels itself well and hooks you in. The combat menu is fairly simple but made an easy going experience, and I really enjoyed talking to every quirky NPC. Earthbound is a must play for all JRPG fans.

Super Metroid

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With Metroid Dread‘s release in 2021, many people went back to play some older 2D Metroid games. Super Metroid was one of those games and my favorite in the entire franchise. You play as Samus who gets a distress call from the Planet Zebes. This side scrolling gem has very tight and responsive controls and very fast paced combat. Equipment and weapon upgrades are a must to progress in certain areas of the map. Freely roam the abandoned research lab and find out more about this distress call.

Super Mario World

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The plumber is back with some new ways to play, like riding Yoshi, finding exclamation block switches, and much more. Super Mario World was colorful and fun with flawless controls. This 16-bit platformer was so joyous from butt sliding down hills to flying through levels when mastering the feather cape! It’s another classic title I just can’t get enough of, and that is why these Mario games stay close to my heart. There is a reason this guy gets so much recognition, and it’s because these games just continue to improve in style, controls and new features! I’m grateful to be one of many gamers influenced by this mushroom kingdom saving plumber!

The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past

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A Link To The Past is my favorite SNES game of all time, and I appreciate the Switch so much for having this available in the NSO library. A majority of my childhood was spent playing this game. Graphics still look great thirty-one years later, gameplay feels perfect, and the overworld feels so massive with so much to explore in this iconic 2D action adventure. This is one Zelda game I wouldn’t want remade because it’s a masterpiece as it is. Even the soundtrack felt energetic and even ominous at times. From the dungeon puzzles, fun boss mechanics, and rupees to collect, this game is timeless, and I come back to it at least once a year. A Link To The Past is a must play game!

Are you a fan of the NSO NES library? If so, what are some of your favorites on the Nintendo Switch? Comment below or join the Boss Rush Discord and discuss these great classic games.

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