Boss Rush Banter: Does Nintendo’s Success Upset You?

On a recent episode of Nintendo Pow Block, Corey, LaMont, and I had a discussion about some of Nintendo’s very own titles selling over a million physical copies. As Corey was reading the list, the majority of the Switch library, regardless if it was a port, sequel, or new IP, hit more than 1 million sales. With the console still selling at a steady pace and more games coming out, it seems that Nintendo is being successful with their products and software. Though it begs the question: Is this upsetting?

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. Image courtesy of Nintendo

I find it puzzling, yet fascinating when some gamers say that Nintendo doesn’t have the games or content they are looking for. That the company doesn’t have the big titles and developers wanting to get their games on the current console. It puzzles me because Nintendo offers a variety of games that cater to a multitude of tastes. The vast genres that come from Nintendo alone have a high degree in quality, game play, and fun. Who wouldn’t want diversity on their platform?

Ironically, there are gamers who hate math but love using statistics to highlight that their system of choice is “better”. When it comes to Nintendo though, some wonder why and how? Why are people supporting a low powered console? Why are you buying games with a lack of online functionality? There’s no acknowledgement of their accomplishments when the games speak for themselves. Yes, hype and a great trailer or reveal plays a part, but when people are enjoying Nintendo’s work, some players are upset and will question those players on their gaming habits.

Arms. Image courtesy of Nintendo (via Kotaku)

For Nintendo to bounce from the low sales of the Wii U to the success of Nintendo Switch, you would think a rock solid library with exceptional titles would make gamers happy. I would expect deniers to be happy to see Nintendo’s own titles to be in a NPD listing, Instead, there is still a denial of Nintendo titles selling outstandingly. 

With Switch at 111 million units and growing, their games basically all selling above a million, and players double dipping more on Switch, Nintendo is succeeding. I just wonder, do others who don’t think of Nintendo as “their console” begrudge Nintendo’s success? Does Nintendo’s success make them bitter? At this point, I hope people can celebrate the Switch’s success in a positive light. 

Does Nintendo’s recovery from the Wii U and current success upset you? Does it excite you? Let us know in the comments below or on our Discord.

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3 thoughts on “Boss Rush Banter: Does Nintendo’s Success Upset You?

  1. Lol doesn’t bother me, I’ve been loyal to Nintendo since the NES, bought every Nintendo home console, I’m super glad they’re kicking ass! Anyone who is upset and sooking about it, needs to get a life!
    Plants Vs Zombies: Battle For Neighbourville is one of my favourite games, can’t get enough of it, the Switch might be underpowered compared to other consoles, but the Switch version of said game is far better! Online play is full of players a year after the game was released on Switch, obviously I’m not just playing Nintendo’s own games, but a large variety.

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