The First Descendant: Beta Dates and Early Details

The First Descendant is an upcoming co-operative looter-shooter by NEXON Games. Up to four players will team up in this third-person action romp as they square off against huge monsters and hoards of alien invaders. And, it’s going to be free-to-play! Built using Unreal Engine 5; The First Descendant is going to be released on Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S.

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There’s lots to go over, so let’s start by digging into some of the playable characters seen in The First Descendant’s initial full trailer.

Choose Your Character

With so many characters to choose from, team composition will likely be a major focus in The First Descendant. Should teams be balanced, or is it more fun to dive in with high damage output? Various abilities are employed to make each character uniquely powerful; making each of them worth trying.

  • Lepic is an all-rounder who fights using guns that are built into his arm.
  • Viessa uses icy abilities to debuff and freeze enemies.
  • Bunny is a high-risk, high-reward damage dealer who zaps foes with electricity-based attacks.
  • Ajax can use warp abilities to maneuver around areas while leading the charge as a tank.

Beyond this list, the trailer features a handful of other characters who have yet to be named. There’s sure to be even more character classes announced after the Steam beta is over.

Image Source: NEXON Games

Each character uses three guns, four pieces of equipment, and various sub-weapons. We’re shown deployable turrets, various shields, and stylish attacks that will be put to use in combat. On top of having specific skills, a character’s play style can modified even further with different gear. Completing both story and world missions rewards players with new items to try, and enhanced stats for their characters. But, what good are any of these fancy moves without enemies to try them on?

The Story So Far

At the moment, details around The First Descendant’s story are limited. Outside of some vague dialogue, the trailer does more to showcase gameplay. But, here’s what is known so far: players, known as “Descendants”, are tasked with defending the Ingris continent from alien invaders. Lead by the obviously-evil Karel; these extra terrestrial terrors come in various types and sizes.

Image Source: NEXON Games

Some of the more exciting scenarios involved behemoths intent on crushing anything in their path. In the trailer, Descendants can be seen grappling their way to weak spots on these giants. The potential here is for certain characters to have some advantages in these more difficult encounters. When fighting these tremendous enemies, co-operation between teams will be extremely important.

Wait, Was That a Grappling Hook?

The First Descendant’s trailer features a plethora of ways to play, but none are more appealing than the crisp movement which is on display. This game is full of impressive leaps, quick sprinting, responsive-looking dodges, and most importantly a grappling hook! What gets players more excited than a grappling hook? Characters can be seen zipping up and across areas in what seems to be an extremely satisfying amount of maneuverability. And, again, there’s a grappling hook.

Image Source: NEXON Games

Sign Up For the Steam Beta!

Players eager to defend Ingris can now sign-up for the game’s first beta which takes place this Fall. During The First Descendant’s beta on Steam, players will choose from ten unique characters that each boast distinctive battle styles. Don’t miss this chance at playing The First Descendant early! The beta runs from October 20 to October 26, 2022. Check out the full trailer to see all of this goodness in action.

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