After Only Seven Short Years of Waiting For Pikmin 4 A Trailer Was Finally Shown

I remember Shigeru Miyamoto stating way back in 2015 that Pikmin 4 was close to completion and a short 7 years later a trailer was shown. Jokes aside, during the Nintendo Direct, Miyamoto shared a glimpse of the future game right after he shared his love with the mobile game Pikmin Bloom to the audience.  The new game will arrive on Nintendo Switch sometime in 2023.

Source: Nintendo

Though no game play was shown, the visuals of the game remind me a bit of Kirby and the Forgotten Lands art style, which comes across beautifully. Though they did not show any in game footage Miyamoto stated that you can play from the viewpoint of the Pikmin. Nintendo Switch also makes it easier to control the game, which Mr. Miyamoto says is called Dandori and in Japanese means, strategically planning, deploying, and commanding the Pikmin.

Source: Nintendo

Have you played any of the other Pikmin Game? Will you be buying Pikmin 4 and were you surprised that a trailer was released? Do you like to play RTS games? Please let us know your thoughts on this future Nintendo title.

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Source Image: Nintendo

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