Free PlayStation Stars Loyalty Program Shows off 3D Collectible Trophies Coming Soon

Back in July Sony announced a new free program called PlayStation Stars, a loyalty program, which was still in development. In the Sony State of Play they announced that the rollout of PlayStation Stars will begin in late September, first in Asia with Europe and the America’s to follow in the next few weeks after initial launch. The benefits that were talked about back in July may or may not take place, but this is what was talked about, that we know are coming.

Source: Sony

The bulk of the announcement consisted of digital rewards to the PlayStation community. 3D collectible trophies were shown, both as characters and as Sony historical products such as the PlayStation 3. Having a digital space or shelf in which you or your friends can view will make you feel right at home, just not in a PlayStation Home kind of way. With just this aspect of the program shown, we will have to wait to see what other perks the program will offer to its loyal customers.

Source: Sony

Do you think that this program will entice more people to buy and play games on the PlayStation ecosystem?  Are you excited for digital trophies or are you hoping for more? Do you even remember PlayStation Home on PlayStation 3? Let us know your thoughts on this new free program.  

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