Boss Rush Banter: What Spooky Games Help You Get into the Halloween Spirit?

Every year, the closer we get to October, the more excited I am for Fall candles, pumpkin spiced coffees, Halloween decorations, movies, and games! What are some spooky games you like to play to get yourself in the Halloween spirit? I have a few in mind I’d like to share and will be playing these on the Nintendo Switch!

Luigi’s Mansion:

Video courtesy of Nintendo

One franchise I’ve loved since GameCube is Luigi’s Mansion, and why it’s taken me this long to start playing is beyond me. But what better time than October to finally lay this game to rest? Sneaking around a creaky haunted hotel and sucking up ghosts in a vacuum just screams spooky fun! Not only can I catch ghosts, but Luigi’s Mansion is also full of puzzles and new equipment features to play around with. I absolutely can’t wait to start playing this game come October and get my scare on!

Dying Light:

Video courtesy of Dying Light Techland

More brains? How about this flesh eating zombie survival game? Every year, I return to this game, and I always feel satisfied by playing this suspenseful and fun fulfilling game. Dying light has so much content, and it’s an easy game to come back to year-round let alone around Halloween. I’ve purchased this game three times now with the recent release on the Switch, and I plan on buying the sequel eventually. It’s a must-have RPG on the Nintendo Switch. Be ready for jump scares when you think you’re safe. Even better, you can play through the story and side quests with your friends online up to four players total. For a Boss Rush full review on Dying Lights cooperative experience, click here.

Pumpkin Jack:

Video courtesy of Nintendo

Pumpkin Jack is a game that was referred to me by a few people, and I was able to snag it during a nice sale. Now with October creeping it’s way forward, I decided to start playing this game to get in the pumpkin spirit! Pumpkin Jack is a Halloween-themed 3D platformer where you play as a mythical pumpkin lord. Adventure creepy landscapes and help evil reign over the world. Fun combo attack and dodging in real time battles, solve puzzles, and find companions to fight alongside your Halloween adventure.

Are you planning on playing anything in the spirit of Halloween? What are some of your Halloween favorites? Comment below or join us for a discussion in the BossRush Discord!

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