Age of Empires Celebrates 25 Years of Conquest

The RTS genre is a staple of PC gaming going back to the very roots of home computing. And the Age of Empires series has published landmark games in most generations of hardware stretching back to the mid-90’s. To celebrate its iconic run, XBox Game Studios has planned a number of events this month.

The celebration kicks off on Age of Empire‘s birthday, October 25th. The production team will hold a special live stream on Twitch from a secret location and concerning news and surprises for the current game, Age of Empires IV and, possibly, the future of the series.

While secrets are being kept for that stream, Age of Empire‘s own website is sharing a few fun details ahead of time, too. A definitive edition of AoE IV will release on Steam the Microsoft store. Along with all previous updates, the Anniversary Edition will include two new empires: the Ottomans and the Malian.

And what would new factions be without some new content to test their mettle? So, new maps, biomes, challenges and waypoints will be added to the campaign as well!

Are you excited for new Age of Empires content? If you’ve taken a break from AoE IV, will these additions and surprises bring you back to the frontlines? Let us know in the comments or over at the Boss Rush Discord

Source: Age of Empires/XBox Game Studios

Featured Image: Xbox Game Studios

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