New Trailer Shown for Elden Ring: The Board Game, With a Week Remaining on Kickstarter

From the board game creators of games such as Dark Souls. Resident Evil, Monster Hunter: World, and Horizon Zero Dawn, comes the latest Kickstarter campaign Elden Ring. Steamforged Games Ltd, based out of Manchester, United Kingdom, has less than a week left on its Kickstarter crusade. They dropped one last video before the game reaches its end. The goal has been met, but still plenty of time to raise more funds to put toward the quality and lore of the base game.  


The game is described as a hybrid open world campaign with an easy setup, a no dice combat system relying more on cards, deep lore with excellent character development, and a unique way to play based on the characters battle stance. You must survive dungeons and the players will have epic and rewarding boss encounters.

The entry level pledge to get the game will run you about 91 US dollars with additional shipping costs. The game is 1-4 players at 14 plus for age rating. The game takes roughly 2 hours a play session and has nearly 100 hours of replay value for the campaign. If you are interested make sure to back it before the Kickstarter concludes.

Source: Kickstarter

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