A collage of DC heroes including Superman, Batman, The Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Harley Quinn.

James Gunn Confirms Shared DC Universe Expanding to Video Games

The DC cinematic universe looks to be more than just a movies-only endeavor.

DC Studios Co-CEO and Co-Chairman James Gunn recently confirmed via a Twitter question-and-answer session plans for the universe to extend into video games. This revelation comes as Gunn and fellow CEO/Chairman Peter Safran are ironing out a long-term plan for the universe

While Gunn confirmed the addition of video games to the connected universe, he also said there were no plans to connect into the comic book side at this time. He clarified, however, there will be “very open communication” between the comics division and DC Studios.

Gunn also clarified not all DC Studios products will be connected. He affirmed the existence of plans for some projects, such as the HBO Max animated series Harley Quinn, to operate in different worlds outside of the shared universe.

As far as future plans, Gunn said he does plan to give more DC characters shows and movies to further build out the shared universe.

Details from these revelations were sparse other than Gunn’s confirmations in limited responses. There are no official plans on which video games will share the world with TV and movie counterparts.

There are some upcoming DC video games on the horizon such as Suicide Squad: Kill the Justic League in 2023. Developer Rocksteady Studios confirmed this game would sit within the Batman: Arkham franchise alongside Gotham Knights.

DC has found success in the past with video with titles such as Injustice and Batman: Arkham games.

Batman and Nightwing about to fight a mob in Batman: Arkham Knight.
Image Credit: Rocksteady Studios (via Game Informer)

As far as separate films and TV shows, Gunn and Safran began leading the newly-created DC Studios in early November, which already didn’t include Matt Reeves’s The Batman and Todd Phillips’s Joker movies.

Gunn and Safran’s approach differs from the Marvel Studios President/Chief Creative Officer Kevin Feige’s vision. Marvel has largely kept its video games, animation projects, and Marvel Cinematic Universe separate though the existence of a multiverse blurs those lines a bit.

DC was always a step behind Marvel in its production and never could put out a consistent effort. Gunn and Safran appear to be trying to differentiate themselves from the MCU and including video games helps in that effort.

With no official word on what extending the DC universe into the interactive media landscape will look like, fans are left to speculate on what might be to come. This further adds intrigue to what Gunn and Safran are doing, which is a much-needed commodity when trying to compete with Marvel.

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Source: James Gunn (via IGN and Variety)

Featured Image: DC Studios (via Collider)

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