Boss Rush Banter: What’s Your Real-Life Luck Stat?

March is often the month of luck, especially for those of you who participate in March Madness for the National Collegiate Athletica Association (NCAA) to predict which men’s basketball teams make it to the finals. Luck is also often important in video games as well, particularly with loot boxes and gacha games. 

Now, loot boxes are a system of collecting items/drops in a condensed manner, usually up to ten at once. It often uses a rarity scale ranging from common to ultra rare. A well-known game that uses this system is Fortnite. To find out a bit more on loot boxes and their utilization in games, check out this article on our website.

Gacha games are known as the Japanese version of loot boxes, the term “gacha” originally known as toys in capsules that could be won in machines. There are often limited banners that players can pull for limited items as well as pity systems to help guarantee collecting rarer items. 

Both systems greatly rely on luck since the drops come in a randomized manner (maybe with some parameters depending on the game). In fact, often times, players rely on real-life currency in order to successfully win in these systems. Many free-to-play games utilize them in order to make money. Furthermore, both loot boxes and gacha systems are often compared to gambling, and for good reason if real-life currency is being used so often to have players get what they want amongst the drops. 

There are three types of players when it comes to loot boxes and gacha games. Which one are you, and what’s your real-life luck stat?

  • The free-to-play players are those who simply enjoy the game without spending real-life currency, rather relying on in-game currency to obtain items or sticking to freely given items and characters to progress.
  • The whales are major spenders, utilizing thousands of real-life currency in the game to max out their accounts as much as possible.  
  • And then, there are dolphins. Dolphins are the in-between spenders, usually spending real-life currency every so often into the game to claim rewards they want. Often times, I feel that dolphins choose to use real-life currency to support the video game and the developers while also enjoying more content from the game. 

I personally find myself lucky in these games. A lot of these titles offer in-game currency to play through the loot boxes and gacha several times, often enough to let players receive rare items quickly. I’ve won in these scenarios a lot, getting super rare items quickly. Even during the times that I lose out on the items I was wanting from the drops, I’m more than content with the drops I do get to maximize my account. My luck stat must be pretty high.

I enjoy loot boxes and gacha. I would consider myself a dolphin, in fact, spending real-life currency on games I really love in order to get more content out the games I play while also supporting them. I feel that it’s also a practice of self-control, particularly with a hobby I love — video gaming.

Overconsumption seems to be running rampant on the internet, one advertisement telling viewers to buy an item or deal that may or may not be useless and another saying to buy this thing instead.

This rings true in video games, players always being enticed by one offer and another to progress faster or get stronger quicker. It’s not always necessary in video games to enjoy the game play through the extra drops offered by loot boxes and the gacha systems — the base content being enough to enjoy and succeed in the game. 

I suppose a real-life luck stat would also mean you’d be more lucky with having better stat rolls like in intelligence or strength to help overcome the enticing offers.

What are your thoughts on loot boxes and the gacha systems? Do you think you have a high luck stat? Share your thoughts with us down below or in our Boss Rush Discord!

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