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Boss Rush Banter: What Was Your Favorite Part of Adult Swim’s Special Broadcast?

Are you a fan of bits that go on for too long? Are you a fan of bits that collapse in on themselves? Adult Swim has you covered. This was especially the case with this year’s April Fool’s broadcast. Some of my favorite artists, Dan Deacon, and the Daniels behind Everything Everywhere All At Once, are here so let’s kick this off!

Video Credit: Adult Swim

Adult Swim has a tradition of airing a special broadcast on April Fool’s Day since 2004. It usually shows a few sneak peeks of upcoming shows or upcoming seasons of existing shows. On the back half of the broadcast, it’ll usually air some shorts that fit the Adult Swim brand that otherwise don’t have a time slot. A majority of these shorts are cataloged on the company’s YouTube channel. The most famous of these shorts is titled Too Many Cooks which has twenty-three million views on YouTube.

Adult Swim kicked things off with an AI-generated segment of Smiling Friends this year. The visuals are an amalgamation of AI-generated images and the audio plays in reverse and distorts at some points. Thankfully this nightmare fuel only lasts about a minute and a half before the text in the bumps assures us that Adult Swim has regained control of the broadcast.

Next up was a sneak peek at the upcoming show Royal Crackers. If you’ve seen a clip of an animated old man falling out of his wheelchair and down a flight of stairs floating around Twitter recently, this is its origin. I’m excited for this show. It should be a good one to wind down the night if adult animation is your thing. The sneak peek gives a little insight as to what the show’s about. The family dynamic has piqued my interest. They struggle with keeping their company relevant and with the generational gaps between family members. Something about them just makes me want to see them succeed; despite their dysfunction. Episodes will be available next day on HBO Max.

After that was a bombastic sneak peak at season six of The Eric Andre Show. I’m amped for this season. The refreshed aesthetic and Eric’s bursts of energy breathe a breath of life into the show that will solidify season six as a classic.

A fast-forward through Denzel Curry getting dental work done while rapping and being fed curry lands the viewer at a sneak peek of Teenage Euthanasia. This was an interesting take on a mother/daughter relationship. I don’t know enough about the show to make that much of a statement on it, but, hey more adult animation!

After this sneak peek the fast-forwarding segments came to a close as Adult Swim airs some April Fool’s classics. First up is the Space Ghost interview with Conan O’Brien titled Fire Ant. I haven’t seen any of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, but the fire ant bit that drags on for ten minutes feels entirely on-brand for Space Ghost. That, paired with a long fanfare-filled intro for the screen that Conan is displayed on singlehandedly made me want to check out more of the show.

After that was a rewound clip of Morty from Rick and Morty walking through an old timey RubberHose animation style landscape. At the end, Rick appears as a frog and Morty walks through a portal. It was neat little clip that reminded me of Cuphead.

Next up was Unedited Footage of a Bear which, if you’ve never seen, is nothing like the title implies. I don’t want to talk too much about it, even though it was my favorite part of the broadcast. Earlier I asked if you liked bits that collapse in on themselves. This short does just that.

A fractured reality coupled with music from Drew Swinburne and Dan Deacon make this a must-watch. (Video Credit: Adult Swim)

After that was the Broomshakalaka infomercial, which featured Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert as directors. This short is as equally implosive as the last. This is another one I don’t want to talk about too much because I don’t want to give it all away. This was my second favorite part of the broadcast.

Video Credit: Adult Swim

As a closer, Adult Swim aired footage of the Bergensbanen Line in Norway set to ambient music. No goofs. No gags. There were lots of comments in the YouTube comments section of the stream archive requesting a separate upload of just “the train video” and I have to agree with them. It was soothing, therapeutic, and definitely a video I’d watch before going to sleep.

Did you catch this broadcast live? What were your favorite parts? Let us know over on the Boss Rush Discord.

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