Boss Rush Banter: What Are Your Thoughts on Genshin Impact’s Teaser of Fontaine?

At the end of Genshin Impact‘s 3.7 Special Program livestream, HoYoverse released a short, sneak peek of Fontaine! In this sneak peek, the traveler swims completely submerged in water, a feat that isn’t currently possible in the game.

The traveler completely submerged in water in the Fontaine teaser. (Video Credit: Genshin Impact)

It was very exciting since players have only been receiving crumbs of what Fontaine is going to be like in the coming 4.0 update. I’m super excited for this teaser, especially since it greatly differs from the previous teasers for Inazuma and Sumeru. 

For Inazuma, the teaser for the region came out at the end of the 1.5 Special Program livestream. Players were given concept art ideas for the region, shown early versions of what the region looked like. It was the first new region since the 1.0 release, and the mere concept of a new region made it exciting. 

Sumeru was a different case. With how large the game became, I’m not surprised that HoYoverse upped its game in revealing Sumeru teasers, especially having learned from the release of Inazuma. This region’s teaser was released in the 2.8 Special Program livestream. Not only were players introduced to what many presumed to be the voice of the Dendro Archon, they also received a full video of the region in-game.

I feel that with this teaser, rather than focusing on what certain places in the region looks like, HoYoverse is instead focusing on how the gameplay is going to change, invoking more questions on the game is to develop.

A completely submerged world? What new systems are going to input to make this possible? How are travelers able to now swim underwater? Is the nation itself completely submerged or just parts of it? So many questions are spurred from this one short teaser, and it lit a fire underneath the community. 

I, and many other players, are greatly anticipating this new region and more teasers about what we are to expect in the coming 4.0 update. It was the perfect time to release a Fontaine trailer seeing as the main story in Sumeru has finished and all current Sumeru playable characters introduced in the story have been released. 

What are your thoughts on this Fontaine trailer? How do you think the game is going to change with this new region being added? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or on our Boss Rush Discord

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