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There was so much to witness in Nintendo’s final trailer before the release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. If only half of the Zelda fans were satiated from Aonuma’s gameplay demo in March, then the other half has been satisfied by this trailer. There was a lot revealed here, and yet there’s still a lot we don’t know. Let’s take a peek, shall we? I will provide the approximate seconds in the trailer for each discussion point.

Also–I provided a link to all The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom trailers at the bottom of the article in case you want to do additional research!

Eiji Aonuma’s Preamble

Eiji Aonuma spoke briefly during the live stream before showcasing the trailer. It’s important to start here as he mentioned key statements that have been repeated before. If Aonuma says it twice, I would say they would be key to this latest Zelda title.

  • A focus on land and sky
  • Use of the player’s imagination
  • Curiosity on how players will traverse Hyrule
  • And lastly, the term “Unfamiliar Hyrule

The Constructs– Still a Mystery

0:17: Amongst the beginning environmental shots, you can see a Construct swatting at a Chu Chu. In the previous gameplay demo and seen later in this trailer, Constructs are hostile to Link. Perhaps this is suggestive that the Constructs may not have an alliance or that they would attack anything. We also see another Construct cutting a tree, the same type that appeared to be benign during Aonuma’s demo. So, although this is very minor, it is interesting to see a Construct also attacking an enemy.

Credit: Nintendo

Rebuilding Hyrule

0:55: Link enters Hateno Village, still in good shape with some slight changes. There are also tents with the Hyrule crest near the outskirts of the castle. This implies that Hyrule is in the rebuilding stage, as we would expect after the events from Breath of the Wild. This sequel will likely feature more populated areas, and therefore interactions with NPCs. At 2:19, Link pulls a horse-drawn carriage glued together by Zonai magic. Perhaps there will be side quests to help residents in their quest to rebuild their society.

Credit: Nintendo

Those Green Swirls Again…

1:00: Link is climbing a cliffside near Kakariko Village, and we get a closer look at one of those green swirls. The tendrils wrap around what looks like a Shrine or Shrine-like structure. This could be Nintendo’s way of recycling old assets, and these green swirls (pretty confident it’s Zonai at this point) will likely alter its function or final destination. There is another one in the Sky Islands as well at the thirty second mark.

Credit: Nintendo
Credit: Nintendo

The “Thunderhead”

1:07: The camera pans past a running Link up to what looks like the Thunderhead from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It may not be the same thing, but it’s uncanny. What’s in there? That is still a mystery. There is footage in the latter half of the trailer (2:40, 3:07) where Link travels with Teba’s son, Tulin, in the eye of a storm. It very well could be within this area.

Credit: Nintendo

The Tears

2:47: Zelda holds what looks like an amber piece from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword; however, there are markings all over the object, so it is highly unlikely to be the same thing. Furthermore, after close inspection, it looks just like the objects found on a story scroll from a previous trailer. We also can find similarly shaped objects on other characters. I am more inclined to believe these are the “tears”, and judging by the colors, it could also represent elements found in past games (e.g. Blue = water, and Yellow = Light) or powers.

Credit: Nintendo

As you can see below, it is the exact shape depicted in a previous trailer. There are seven of these:

Credit: Nintendo
Credit: Nintendo
Credit: Nintendo

There is an Underground Presece as Well

1:08: Geographical changes occur. A building rises from the sands and sky pieces descend upon Hyrule Castle. Of note, the only place where we see a structure come from underground is from the Gerudo region, and the fact that the trailer them jumps to a wild, red-haired figure, makes me wonder if Ganon rises from beneath while the Zonai come from the sky. However, this idea may likely fall short, as several individuals indicate Zonai-like architecture in this rising structure.

Credit: Nintendo

Link is also depicted exploring an underground area, one with lava and…mine carts!

The Return of the Champions’ Descendents!

2:18, 2:40, 3:07, 3:11: The (newer) Champions are back! Link is fighting and traveling alongside them. There were several clips within the trailer where we see Link partnered up with various members of each tribe: the Gerudo (Riju), the Zora (Sidon), the Gorons, and the Rito (Tulin). Oddly enough, Yunobo was not seen nor depicted in official artwork after the final trailer.

Credit: Nintendo

Battling with Others

1:37: This scene not only shows Link battling on horseback, but we see villagers fighting as well. It will be an excellent change from when Link had to do everything alone in the last game. We do not know the extend of battling with NPCs, but this is an exciting thought.

Credit: Nintendo

Ganondorf Confirmed

1:17: We see only the back of this fiery figure, standing before what appears to be the Blood Moon. However, this figure is fairly large and bulky, and we do not see his face…

Credit: Nintendo

2:53: Later in the trailer, Ganondorf (officially confirmed by Nintendo) is revived (and hydrated), saying:

Do not look away. You witness a king’s revival…and the birth of his new world.

Is it possible that he has harnessed the power of the Blood Moon to revive himself as well as his minions? Or was it the red tear-shaped stone on his forehead? I also wonder if the statement of Ganondorf’s “new world” is what Eiji Aonuma referenced and what triggers the changes throughout the land. It is also important to consider if the game will cover Ganondorf’s slow transformation versus occurring all at the beginning. This trailer had many cuts where, like in the 2017 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild trailer, they covered scenes from all points in the game.

Credit: Nintendo
Credit: Nintendo

New Voice, Who Dis?

1:55: Zelda is standing–with tattoos of tears on her face and listening to a voice new to us.

Zelda…We rely on your knight. And that legendary sword he carries. Our last line of defense will be Link.

This figure places their hand on her shoulder, and the hand distinctly looks like Link’s hand after it becomes corrupted. This only confirms it is the power from the Zonai that is shared with Link. But, who is this person?

Credit: Nintendo

Is is this figure whose face appears at 1:40? This figure resembles the one with the seven tears in a previous trailer.

Speaking of previous trailers, Zelda is shown in this same garb and similar background as she caresses a strange material.

Credit: Nintendo

Another New Character, Many Suspect Hylia:

While Hylia is a very good guess, I still hold some reservation on drawing this conclusion. This tan figure is adorned in Zonai jewelry and clothes. She also fits the image in the old scrolls as well. It is also highly suspicious that Zelda is depicted in Zonai trappings, including the same earrings as the mysterious female. They also seem to share the same Tear, or at least their Tears are the same color. I am more inclined to believe she, too, has harnessed the power of the Zonai and undergone a transformation OR there is a Zonai counterpart to the Princess. This is a perfect example of Nintendo showing us something new without really giving anything away.

Credit: Nintendo
Credit: Nintendo

Zelda also says,

I know why I am here. It’s something only I can do.

The Likely Return of Unique Bosses

This one should be pretty obvious as we see several massive enemies, one of which appears to be the Gleeok.

Credit: Nintendo
Credit: Nintendo

There is so much to unpack in this final trailer that lasted a total of three minutes and 54 seconds. We see new faces, return of an old antagonist, and hear new voices. The trailer has since gotten the internet talking, and I am pleased to receive some fresh content without spoiling the entire plot. Also–the music chilled me to the core.

What are some things you noticed in the trailer, and what are your theories? Please share your thoughts with us on our Boss Rush Facebook Group or our Boss Rush Discord.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Trailers in Order:

E3 2019 Teaser Trailer:

Credit: Nintendo

E3 2021 Trailer

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Official Trailer 1

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Official Trailer #2

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Final trailer:

Credit: Nintendo

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