The Original Babylon 5 Returns in an Animated Film

Babylon 5 will be returning later this year in a new feature-length animated film. This film is written by the original series creator, J. Michael Straczynski. Bruce Boxleitner (who played John Sheridan) is confirmed to return in the animated feature. Other members of the original cast are expected to return, but have not been announced. This project is separate from the live-action reboot announced last year (also helmed by Straczynski).

“I’m ridiculously excited about the #B5AnimatedMovie because it feels the most B5-ish of anything we’ve done since the original show. Warners was terrific in giving me the freedom to write the story I wanted, and the animation is phenomenal. It’s fun, deep, emotional, classic B5.”

J. Michael Straczynski
Image Credit: J. Michael Straczynski

Straczynski continued with an anecdote about recording the commentary track.

Here’s a story that may best illustrate why I’m so happy about how the #B5AnimatedMovie came out and what fans have to look forward to. A few weeks ago, I and @boxleitnerbruce met to do an audio commentary for the movie. Bruce had not yet seen the movie, only snippets a few —

— seconds long during the final voice session to do little fixes. When he sat beside me in the recording studio, and no one was around, he leaned over and said, “How is it, really?” with eyes that, like my own, had seen so much disappointment over the years. I said, “Bruce —

— it’s the best thing we’ve done since the original show, hands down.” He seemed pleased and hopeful but still cautious. Then they started the playback, and Bruce’s jaw hit the floor and stayed there for the entire thing, punctuated by this great big grin of excitement at —

— what he was seeing. He got so caught up in it that he kept forgetting to do the commentary, so if there’s a lot of me and only some of Bruce in the final version, my apologies, but that’s the reason why. He left that room as happy as I’ve ever seen him. That’s what’s coming.

J. Michael Straczynski

More details, including the release date, are expected on May 10.

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Source: J. Michael Straczynski

Featured Image: J. Michael Straczynski

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