Boss Rush Banter: What Would A New Ice Climber Game Look Like?

You may know them from the Super Smash Bros. franchise, but the two-in-one fighters known as the Ice Climbers are actually from their very own arcade game developed by Nintendo in 1984. The game is unique in being a vertical platformer rather than a horizontal one, having the players scale a mountain upwards instead of running to the right like in 2D Super Mario games. There’s only ever been one Ice Climber game, but Nintendo has brought back older franchises like Kid Icarus or the recent Advance Wars with relative success, so why not Ice Climber? And if so, what would that game even look like?

The original Ice Climber featured the player ascending upwards, smashing ice and avoiding enemies. (Image Source: Nintendo)

The most obvious answer is another 2D vertical platformer. You could take graphics like we’ve seen in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe but swap in Popo and Nana and a mountainous background. With the original Ice Climber having a two-player mode, I could easily see a platformer built around solving puzzles with a friend like in It Takes Two

Nintendo could do a complete revamp and make an open-world game. Perhaps the entire map could just be one big mountain that the player tries to climb, unlocking new and better climbing equipment as they play. They’d need to not only traverse up and down the mountain, but around the cliffs along the sides. One thing that this game could do that most open-world games don’t is include a co-op mode, letting multiple players run all around the same world map. 

Imagine Celeste, but with more players and less anxiety! (Image Source: Maddy Makes Games)

My personal favorite is the idea of Nintendo making a rogue-like game with each new playthrough of the game having a different mountain with different enemies, equipment, puzzles, or landforms. This could make narrative sense too, having the player “fall” down the mountain and needing to climb back up. I can easily see a game like this being easily replayable and amassing its own unique audience.

What do you think? Will Nintendo ever bring Popo and Nana out of their Super Smash Bros. prison, or will they stay as legacy characters until the end of time? Which kind of Ice Climber game would you be most interested in playing? Let us know in a comment down below, or join the conversation on the Boss Rush Discord.

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