Wholesome Direct: Quirky Bubblegum Galaxy Demo Stands Out from Crowd

The Wholesome Direct aired Saturday, June 10th, filling viewers with a satisfying slew of indie titles that don’t rely on violence for entertainment value. As part of the Direct, I received early access to some demos, and Bubblegum Galaxy is one that stood out.

I read that Bubblegum Galaxy has a Katamari feel with a taste of The Office, and after playing an early release demo, I have to say I agree. You play as an intern named Haco (whose head is part cat and part…house?) who is tasked with rebuilding the galaxy after an incident that had deleted previous galaxies! The way you rebuild is with tiles that vary in color and content. The more you match, the more points you get. For example, you want to place tiles of a certain color together, or rotate tiles with trees so that you create a cohesive forest. It’s got a “world building sim” feel to it but in a more minimalist way.

Outside galaxy building, you can speak with your quirky co-workers and get a feel of corporate culture as well!

The graphical art style is colorful and quirky, just like Katamari. You rebuild the galaxy, like Katamari; however, I feel Bubblegum Galaxy is establishing an identity of its own. I know I’m looking forward to making my own planets and discovering who deleted the galaxies in the first place!

It’s so pleasing to the eye!
Image Source: Wholesome Games

Check out the trailer below and give the demo a go:

Wholesome Games

Bubblegum Galaxy is developed and published by Smarto Club, and the release date is still pending.

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Featured Image Source: Wholesome Games

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