Dead Cells as an Animated Series is Actually a Thing

Evil Empire and Motion Twin have partnered with animation studio Bobbypills and streaming service ADN to produce an animated series for Dead Cells.

This series will launch sometime in 2024, and from its summary, it seems to stick to the premise of the video game: A mysterious plague has cursed an island. Their king tried to create a cure; however, it only transforms its habitants into monsters. There is also a prophecy that a flame-headed hero would appear. When this so-called “headless”hero arrives, he seems a lot less motivated than a hero should be.

Check out the announcement trailer below:

Motion Twin

Dead Cells, a long standing and beloved rouge-like video game, has been known for its humor, especially in their animated trailers.

Bobbypills is credited for VerminPeepoodo and the recently announced Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon animated spinoff, Captain Laserhawk

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Featured Image Source: Motion Twin

Source: Motion Twin

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