Boss Rush Banter: Will the Activision Blizzard Deal Bring New IPs to Nintendo?

With Microsoft officially acquiring Activision-Blizzard we know that the future is bright with the IPs under the company. Microsoft has made the deal with both Sony and Nintendo for a 10-year deal with Call of Duty franchise on the consoles. Even more interesting is that only Nintendo will receive more of Activision and Blizzard titles on the system. With this confirmation will Microsoft also bring over other current titles to Nintendo’s console that will come out later in the future?

Currently Microsoft owns more than 20 studios and a ton of IP’s. With the purchase of Activision-Blizzard alone they acquired thirty-seven, which is a lot of titles that could potentially show up on Nintendo’s next system. But will we see other IP’s from under Microsoft’s Umbrella that will come to a Nintendo system for the first time?

I for one would love to see plenty of Microsoft’s IP’s show up on a Nintendo console. With the Activision-Blizzard deal I am assuming they made a 10-year deal to acquire the company with less obstacles and red tape. So, I ‘m unsure what they will do with other IP’s that don’t fall under this purchase. Here are a few I hope to make it over somehow.

The Evil Within – Tango Gameworks – A combo pack of both Evil Within games would be amazing. A new title in the franchise would be even better. Could we see anything from the unique horror franchise on a Nintendo platform?

Age of Empires – World’s Edge – This series is one of my absolute favorites when it comes to RTS type games. It would be amazing to play this on the go in a new game or genre in the series. The game did show up on the DS in 2006 but was a modified game with less civilizations to command. It would be great to have full access to this game on the go.

Fallout – Bethesda Game Studios – One of my favorite series that I have sank many hours into is the Fallout series. Fallout 3 was my favorite, but also my most frustrating dive into the wasteland. I would love to see Fallout 3 Remaster or even a new one coming for the first time to a Nintendo system would be radical.  

Rage – Id Software – Loved Rage when it came out on Xbox 360, and I would love to see a similar type of experience in a partnership with Nintendo. Bring 1 and 2 over or get a third on the way.

Hellblade – Obsidian Entertainment – Hellblade is quite the experience, and it would be a great addition to bring over the first game while the second game is on Microsoft platforms to help promote the game. If players enjoy it on a Nintendo platform, they may want to check out the sequel once it arrives.

What games could you see come over to a Nintendo system through the new 10-year deal? Do you think Microsoft will be conservative or generous when bringing over IPs to Nintendo platforms? What are your thoughts on the topic?

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