How to Prepare for Invincible Season 2: Recapping Season 1

The second season of Invincible is just days away, which has many fans excited.

The long-awaited second season comes nearly two years after the initial season happened. Naturally, this may leave a gap in many people’s memories as they return to the world of Mark Grayson.

Boss Rush has compiled a recap of all that happened in the first season to help you best prepare for the second season. This comes ahead of our weekly review series that will release shortly after each episode airs.

Invincible Season 2 will debut Nov. 3 on Prime Videos with the first four episodes releasing weekly throughout November. The final four episodes will air in early 2024.

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers from the first season of Invincible and is intended to provide you with a reminder of all that happened.

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Mark Grayson/Invincible (Steven Yeun): Mark is a typical teenager who is the son of Viltrumite superhero Omni-Man and human Debbie. Mark gains his powers and takes up the mantle of Invincible where he learns what it means to be a superhero.

Nolan Grayson/Omni-Man (JK Simmons): Omni-Man is Earth’s most powerful superhero. He hails from the planet Viltrum and claims he is here to protect the planet. Early in the season, he is shown brutally murdering the Guardians of the Globe. His civilian identity is Nolan Grayson, a travel writer.

Debbie Grayson (Sandra Oh): Debbie is the wife of Nolan and possesses no superpowers. She is from Earth and is a loving wife and mother. She starts to suspect Nolan, but has trouble embracing the idea fully.

Atom Eve/Samantha Eve Wilkins (Gillian Jacobs): Eve is a classmate of Mark’s who turns out to be Atom Eve. She can control matter and manipulate energy. She is initially part of the Teen Team before striking out on her own. She has a strained relationship with her parents, especially her father. She is initially dating Rex Splode before finding out he cheated on her.

Guardians of the Globe: The Guardians of the Globe is a superhero team comprised of War Woman, Green Ghost, Martian Man, Red Rush, Darkwing, Aquarus, and leader The Immortal. Omni-Man massacres the team.

New Guardians of the Globe: A new roster is formed with the Guardians of the Globe. This team includes former Teen Team members Dupli-Kate and Rex Splode along with Monster Girl, Shrink Rae, Black Samson, and Robot.

Robot (Zachary Quinto): A robotic member of the new Guardians of the Globe. He assembles the new roster. It is later revealed that he is a deformed individual who operates drones as his avatars. He uses Rex’s DNA and the Mauler Twins’ cloning abilities to create a new body for himself.

Global Defense Agency: A government agency that has Cecil Stedman (Walter Goggins) at the head. This agency works alongside superheroes to keep the planet safe. It also provides healthcare to wounded superheroes.

Damien Darkblood (Clancy Brown): A demon detective who is investigating the murders of the Guardians of the Globe. He suspects Nolan, but Cecil sends him back to hell before he can complete his investigation.

William Clockwell (Andrew Rannells): Mark’s best friend in high school. He initially doesn’t know Mark’s true identity, but comes to learn of it on a trip to see his crush at Upstate University.

Amber Bennett (Zazie Beetz): Another of Mark’s classmates who eventually becomes his girlfriend. Mark initially believes that she doesn’t know his true identity but later finds out she’s known for a while. Amber enjoys volunteering at the local soup kitchen.

Art Rosenbaum (Mark Hamill): A superhero tailor who is good friends with Nolan. He provides costumes to both Nolan and Mark. He later helps Debbie discover the truth about Nolan’s actions.

The Mauler Twins (Kevin Michael Richardson): A pair of superhuman geniuses who are clones. They help Robot create a new body through cloning after he helps them escape from prison. They are long-time foes of the Guardians.


Image Credit: Amazon Studios (via Geek Tyrant)

Mark Grayson is late in receiving his Viltrumite superpowers, but after finally receiving his powers, he begins training with his dad. Omni-Man shows some reservations about Mark developing his powers, but does train him.

Later, the Guardian of the Globe are summoned to their hideout where they engage in a violent fight with Omni-Man. Omni-Man ends up murdering the Guardians of the Globe but makes it look like an attack on himself and the Guardians.

The Global Defense Agency finds the Guardians dead and Omni-Man passed out. Cecil informs Mark and his mother Debbie of the attack and the Guardians’ death.

With Omni-Man out of commission, Mark seeks to thwart an alien invasion from the Flaxans. Mark quickly comes to grip with the realities of being a superhero and the death that can happen. He meets Atom Eve and the Teen Team, who stop the attack. Mark works with the Teen Team to stop the Flaxans.

The GDA hosts a televised funeral for the Guardians where Omni-Man, who has recovered, delivers the eulogy. There is also a private funeral where Damian starts to question Omni-Man about the Guardians’ deaths.

In the wake of the Guardians’ deaths, Cecil charges Robot to put together a new team as the Guardians of the Globe. Mark declines to join but Atom Eve joins but later leaves after discovering Rex cheating.

Mark goes on a study date with Amber, but Cecil calls him on a mission. Mark leaves but eventually returns as he learns the difficulties of balancing his two lives.

Mark ends up taking another mission from Cecil to watch over a crew of astronauts as they go to Mars. Mark’s distracted state leads to issues with the Martians that ends in danger for both the astronauts and the locals.

Debbie begins to suspect her husband may be involved with the murders of the Guardians, but Omni-Man takes her on a trip to Rome in hopes of regaining her trust. Debbie’s suspicions begin after Damien puts the thought in her head prior to his exorcism.

Image Credit: Amazon Studios (via CBR)

Mark continues developing as a superhero and ends up helping a superhuman named Titan take down mob boss Machine Head. The New Guardians arrive to help in the fight with Machine Head only to have Mark, Monster Girl, and Black Samson become gravely injured.

Debbie’s suspicions continue to grow after she finds Damien’s notebook in her closet.

Mark and the others eventually recover, returning to their previous situations. Mark takes a trip to a local university with Amber and William. While visiting, cyborgs attack the school and Amber becomes angry with him when he disappears during the attack.

She is upset at him the rest of the trip. Mark and William get to the bottom of the cyborg attack and the GDA takes interest in the technology.

Atom Eve opts out of the superhero life and builds a treehouse where she operates in helping the world with a host of environmental issues.

Meanwhile, Debbie discovers Omni-Man’s bloodied costume and takes it to Art for examination. This reveals that Omni-Man struck first and is the cause of the murders.

Debbie confronts Nolan about the murders and he asks her to trust him. Debbie goes to the GDA to learn that Cecil already knows about Omni-Man’s involvement. He takes on the GDA and largely succeeds.

Mark continues trying to reconcile with Amber, eventually telling her he is Invincible. She still tells him to leave so Mark meets up with Atom Eve, who tells him he is selfish regarding Amber. Both are summoned to a situation that involves Omni-Man fighting large beasts aimed at killing him.

During that process, the Maulers revive Immortal, who attacks Omni-Man in a fit of rage. Omni-Man kills Immortal again, this time on live TV. Mark sees and his father asks for a conversation.

Image Credit: Amazon Studios (via Digital Mafia Talkies)

Nolan explains his true intention as a Viltrumite is to take over Earth and force into into the Viltrum Empire. He claims his family and the inhabitants of Earth mean nothing to him and asks Mark to join him. Mark declines and a bloody battle ensues.

During the battle, Omni-Man is cavalier about life as he goes out of his way to murder innocent people in an attempt to force Mark to join him. Mark continues standing up to him but can’t hang as Nolan beats him unconscious. Nolan has a flashback to a moment with a young Mark and this causes Omni-Man to cease and flee the planet.

Mark makes a long recovery while Cecil helps get Mark and Debbie’s life back in order. Cecil explains Nolan’s disappearance away as a death so the public won’t connect Omni-Man with Mark and Debbie. Mark declines Cecil’s offer to join the GDA.

He later learns that the Coalition of Planets is working to raise an army large enough to resist the Viltrumites and any potential invasion of Earth they may be planning. The season ends with Mark reaffirming his desire to finish high school in the meantime.

Invincible: Atom Eve

Image Credit: Amazon Studios (via Den of Geek)

Amazon also released a prequel episode in July 2023 centering on Atom Even and her origins.

During a battle between the Guardians of the Globe and the Lizard League, Dr. Elias Brandyworth and a pregnant woman named Polly, who is carrying a super-powered baby, escape a facility. They arrive at a hospital where Polly dies before giving birth though Brandyworth still removes the baby.

Steven Erickson, the director from the facility where Brandyworth and Polly escaped, comes looking for the child, referring to it as a specimen. He has no luck.

In another room, Adam and Betsy Wilking mourn the loss of their child until a nurse comes in to inform them that their child lives. It is revealed that this is not true, but rather the child is the one from Polly.

The child is Samantha Eve Wilkins, who grows up with unique interests and personality. This comes at the dismay of her father, who takes issue with her different quirks. After a young Samantha helps her teenage babysitter with his chemistry homework, her parents send her to a school for the gifted.

An unkempt Brandyworth watches from a distance as she comes of age. Meanwhile, the facility where Brandyworth used to work continues trying to create a child with similar abilities as Samantha, though unsuccessfully.

Samantha, however, doesn’t enjoy her new school, but she does make a friend named Val. As the girls grow into preteen years, Samantha develops her powers, but this development scares Val and proves to be a deal breaker for her.

The rift between Samantha and her father continues to grow. This and the loss of friendship with Val causes Samantha to eventually get expelled from her school.

Image Credit: Amazon Studios (via Multiversity Comics)

She turns her focus to her powers and begins moonlighting as a hero while she learns to master her abilities. Brandyworth confronts Samantha and pleads with her to stop using her powers.

She doesn’t listen and this tips Erickson off to her location. He releases other failed experiments to chase after her. Brandyworth confronts Samantha, now going by Eve, again and tells her where she came from and the identity of her true parents.

Eve’s mom was a homeless, pregnant women who volunteered for an experiment. She grew close with Brandyworth, who wanted to free her from the experiments. Early labor complicated matters.

The failed experiments arrive and seek revenge on Eve. They call her perfect and blame her for why they never received recognition because they couldn’t match her. She eventually defeats them though not without sharing a heartwarming exchange with one of the subjects.

Erickson takes Eve to a facility where it is revealed her mother is still alive. An ensuing gunfight leaves both her mother and Brandyworth dead. The trauma from this event allows Eve to unlock her full powers and manipulate the atoms of humans. This was not possible previously thanks to Brandyworth not adding this power.

She causes Erickson to lose his memory and she returns home. Upon return, she gets in another argument with her father, who shouts that they are the only family she has. Eve runs to her room and changes a family picture to show Brandyworth, her true mom, and her failed experiment siblings.

Featured Image: Amazon Studios (via Geek Tyrant)

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