MLB Power Rankings: The Rays Find a Rhythm

We are hitting the hot days of summer and the MLB is continuing a phenomenal season; this week we begin to get a clearer picture as to what teams will be leading going into the All-Star Break! 1.5 games separate the top 5 from each other in the standings, and it’s honestly the tightest the top 5 in the power rankings have been. Let’s get to ranking! 

  1. Tampa Bay Rays (+1)

It’s hard not to adore the Rays right now; this team is doing everything right. I think the Rays are still looking for one more bat to bolster the middle of the order, but otherwise this team is playoff-ready.

  1. San Francisco Giants (-1) 

I toyed with keeping the Giants at number 1, but I think they took a slight step back this week with their pitching. The Giants lost three games this week against the Angels, Cubs, and Rangers. In each of those losses, the bullpen really caused issues when they needed to be clutch. 

  1. Chicago White Sox (-)

The Chicago White Sox made easy work of the Tigers this week and took care of a competitive Blue Jays team. As much as it pains this Cubs fan to say it, I really like the White Sox.

  1. Boston Red Sox (-)

I was worried about the Red Sox a few weeks ago because I thought that the difficulty of the schedule would be too much for the Red Sox to overcome; while the Astros proved to be tough the Red Sox swept the New York Yankees. Boston has a 4 game series against the Blue Jays this weekend; if they split the series then they will drop next week in the rankings, but if the Sox win 3 or sweep the Blue Jays, it will be time to talk about them being a serious contender. 

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers (-)

Dodgers are still just flat-out awesome–nothing is going to change that! 

  1. Oakland Athletics (+2)

Are the Oakland Athletics good? I keep asking myself this question because the Athletics will play great for a week and then drop 5 games within a 7 game period. This week, the Athletics made easy work of the Mariners and ran through the Rockies. The AL West is a mess but could be very entertaining going down the stretch. 

  1. San Diego Padres (-)


  1. Chicago Cubs (-2)

The Cubs won 2 of 3 against the Padres, lost 3 out of 4 to the Giants, and then won 2 of 3 against the Padres. We know that the Cubs have the best bullpen in the MLB, but if their starting pitching can lower their ERA just one point, I would say this is a team to watch after the All-Star Break. 

  1. Houston Astros (-)
  2. Milwaukee Brewers (-)
  3. New York Mets (-)

The NL East is still a garbage truck on fire. That’s all I have for the Mets! 

  1. Cleveland Indians (-2)
  2. Toronto Blue Jays (+1)

The youth of the Blue Jays might finally be hurting them; a few mistakes from plain inexperience cost the Blue Jays wins against the White Sox and Astros. I still love the Blue Jays and especially with how the Yankees are falling apart, this could end up being the Blue Jays moment. 

  1. New York Yankees (-2)

I have to question what is going on with this Yankees lineup; this team has too much talent to be struggling this badly at the plate. Yankees could get desperate and try to acquire a big bat near the deadline, but I think it would be safer to work with the staff they have.

  1. St Louis Cardinals (-2)
  2. Kansas City Royals (-)
  3. Seattle Mariners (-)
  4. Philadelphia Phillies (+1)
  5. Los Angeles Angels (+2)
  6. Atlanta Braves (-2)
  7. Cincinnati Reds (-1)
  8. Miami Marlins (-)

I want to give the Marlins a little bit of advice: don’t be afraid to let your young talent shine. I love the Marlins, and after last year when they made the playoffs, I thought maybe they had a chance to win the division (which technically they still could, but it’s going to take some work). Lately, however, they play without energy. If you are the Marlins you have to let the young players bring excitement and energy to a clubhouse that looks dead right now, don’t be afraid to let the talent shine. 

  1. Washington Nationals (-)
  2. Detroit Tigers (-)
  3. Minnesota Twins (+3)
  4. Colorado Rockies (-1)
  5. Baltimore Orioles (+2)
  6. Texas Rangers (-1)
  7. Arizona Diamondbacks (-)
  8. Pittsburgh Pirates (-4)

I am keeping the Pirates at the bottom until they can go more than two weeks without a hilarious blunder on the field. Ke’Bryan Hays hit an absolutely beautiful home run against the Dodgers this week; however, he didn’t touch first as he was rounding the bases, and the home run was called an out (check out the full breakdown by Jomboy Media here).

Tell us what you think! Where did your home team land on our weekly power rankings? Share your reactions in the comments below.

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