Road 96 Gets a Release Date

Road 96, a narrative road trip game using procedural generation to create thousands of different routes, has just received a new trailer and a release date of August 16, 2021 for the Nintendo Switch and Steam. The game, initially announced at The Game Awards in late 2020, was featured in Nintendo’s April 2021 Indie World Showcase and as part of the 2021 Summer Game Fest.

Through the various trailers and information put out by French developer DigixArt, the world of Road 96 appears to be a dangerous place full of risky interactions where the player must make decisions as they try to flee from Petria, a country that “has gone to hell,” and escape to the border.      

The unique combination of procedural generation and narrative implies a different kind of experience where the decisions you make as you hitchhike across Petria affect not only your individual journey, but the world of the game, offering different stories for each play-through. Will this game live up to the excitement generated by the premise and possibilities? With the game releasing on August 16, 2021, we’ll soon find out.

Will you be buying Road 96 on release? Let us know in the comments below or on our Boss Rush Discord channel.

Sources: Nintendo, DigixArt

Featured Image Source: Nintendo

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