Remake of Classic Horror Title, Dead Space, Confirmed by EA

The rumor mill has had no shortage of content these days, including a potential remake of a 2008 survivor horror game, Dead Space. From releases like Mass Effect: Legendary Edition to Final Fantasy VII Remake, hits from years past are making a come back.

Today, EA Play Live has finally confirmed a Dead Space I remake for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC with a teaser trailer.

EA Motive will be utilizing the Frostbite engine to completely rebuild the game to ensure they utilize the power behind current generation consoles. They are also seeking feedback from fans of the Dead Space franchise.

Despite this annoucement, no release date has been provided yet.

Are you excited for a Dead Space remake, and did you play the original? Let us know your thoughts on the teaser trailer on our friendly Boss Rush Discord channel!

Source: IGN, Dead Space

Image Source: Dead Space

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