Halo Infinite’s Fracture: Tenrai Event Receives Major Changes

This week, 343 Industries has brought back the Fracture: Tenrai event to Halo Infinite, giving players another chance at earning the cool samurai style Yoroi Armor Core set. After taking feedback from players, the community, and internally, some major changes are coming to the progression.

In a recent statement from the studio, they revealed that “players were only able to progress 7 tiers of their event pass of the first Fractures: Tenrai event.” Here’s the full statement:

Where players were only able to progress 7 tiers of their Event Pass in the week of the first Fractures: Tenrai event (November 23-30, 2021), players can now progress 10 tiers per week. By design, you will still have to participate in multiple weeks to obtain everything in the Tenrai Event Pass, but we hope this extra buffer will help expedite progression for highly engaged players.

We recognize the frustration that many players felt where they would have to work through multiple non-Event related Challenges or burn through Challenge Swaps in order to get an Event Challenge to show up in rotation. We felt this too and have made adjustments to ensure that players are always making progress on at least one Event Challenge as well (provided you have active Event Challenges remaining for the week). What this means is that Event Challenges have been tuned to appear in your Challenge rotation sooner and they will have a higher weekly cap (originally 7, now 10).

Further, we also agreed with feedback around the actual content of the Event Pass regarding the amount of Challenge Swaps and XP Grants that made levelling up feel less rewarding. The great thing about these events are the cosmetics, that’s what everybody’s excited about and wants to pursue, so we’ve replaced all XP and Challenge Boosts above Tier 10 onwards with cosmetic items. That’s a total of 11 new cosmetic items that will be available completely free.

Content that was originally slated to be featured as premium offerings in the store for the remaining weeks of this event has now been added to the core free event pass. Please note that no content changes were made from the first week of Fracture: Tenrai – these changes only apply to week two onwards. Any premium store purchases made during week one will remain exclusive to the week one store – they are not being added to the Event Pass.

We hope that these changes are a strong first step towards providing greater value, a greater sense of reward, and more reason for our players to invest their time in this Event Pass. As always, we greatly appreciate your feedback and support as we continue to evolve the Halo Infinite multiplayer experience!

343 Industries Post from Halo Waypoint

Fracture: Tenrai runs from January 4-11. This event is a completely free that will return multiple times over the first season. The event pass offers unique cosmetics and rewards across 30 tiers and the store will offer additional Tenrai cosmetics and customization items for the Yoroi Armor Core set. Are you enjoying the Halo Infinite events? Let us know or play with us by joining our Discord or Facebook group!

Source: Halo Waypoint

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