Boss Rush Banter: Which Superhero Needs Their Own Video Game?

It was finals week, and I was one final away from my summer vacation. I’ve studied, and now all that’s between me and finishing my second year of college was a good night’s rest.

That is, until my roommate invited me to watch him play Batman: Arkham Knight, which led to me staying up until 4 in the morning.

Superhero movies have taken the world by storm over the last two decades, but the silver screen isn’t the only place these characters have been able to shine. Companies like Rocksteady Studios or Insomniac Games have been able to produce some of the greatest superhero games of all time in the forms of the Batman: Arkham games and Marvel’s Spider-Man for PlayStation 4. 

While games featuring superheroes have been around since gaming first began with games like 1987’s Superman or 1989’s The Uncanny X-Men, we now live in a new age. With Insomniac Games having not only a new Spider-Man game coming, but Wolverine announced as well, alongside Monolith’s upcoming Wonder Woman game recently announced at the 2021 Game Awards, there’s a lot to be excited about the possibilities of upcoming superhero games. Here are three ideas I’d love to see.

#3. Green Lantern

While the 2011 film is almost universally seen as a flop, the character of Green Lantern is one of DC Comics most unique characters, and it’s time that we had another iteration of the character of Hal Jordan. I’d love to see a game where you can hop between different planets, learn to make different light constructs, and fight alongside other Green Lanterns like John Stewart or Kyle Rayner. While it would be a much larger scale than the Arkham games, it would still be something incredibly fun to experience.

#2. Ant-Man

I have absolutely loved seeing Ant-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and think a game centering around controlling Ant-Man and his colony of ants could be insanely fun. The game could alternate between a game like Pikmin, where you control ants and explore the microscopic world, and a game where you get to control a giant Scott Lang or Hank Pym, fighting other giant creatures while towering over the city. 

#1. Superman

Superman is appearing as an antagonist in Rocksteady’s upcoming game Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, though many fans are still hoping for a playable Man of Steel in a Rocksteady game. While Superman does often combat aliens and enemies from space, I’d also love to see a game set in Metropolis, featuring not only Superman fighting the likes of Doomsday or Brainiac, but also stopping thugs and saving cats stuck in trees. There could even be an element to the game where you have to be careful not to cause too much damage to the city itself, which could add a sense of strategy to how you confront combat with these powerful foes. 

There are countless ideas for more superhero video games, and I know there are so many that I didn’t even mention. What superheroes would you like to see get their own dedicated game in the future? Share your ideas below, or join the conversation on the Boss Rush Discord.

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