Boss Rush Banter: Which Heroes Deserve Their Time in the Sun in an Open World Game?

With multiple Spider-Man and Batman Arkham games with more coming out in both universes, what could be next? With current open world styles and numerous heroes still needing their stories to be told, what IP could the open-world formula apply to the best? Here are a few ideas that seem to be decent candidates in my opinion.   

Remember playing Batman: Arkham Asylum back in 2009 and how amazing it felt to play? How about shortly after in 2011 when playing Batman: Arkham City and how much bigger the game felt? Fast forward to 2018–playing Spider-man on PlayStation 4, the setting, coupled with story and gameplay made for an amazing experience that you don’t seem to get to often in these types of games. So, what universe or universes should be tapped into next? Here are some of my thoughts:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

Ever since I played Batman: Arkham Asylum, I wanted to play the same style of game but with the turtles. You can use each character to progress through the story, while traversing the city of New York. Fast travel using the sewer system, collect pizza from all the pizza places to upgrade your health, stop the foot to upgrade your weapons, master your skills with Splinter, and partner with April O’Neil to take down Shredder. Explore what the city has to offer using your skateboard, turtle van, or turtle blimp, and stop crime to unlock new features, leaving much potential. I would love to see how this would play out. Each turtle can be selected to play a mission and each turtle has various skills that can help or hinder in each mission. You choose who and how you will play. Surely it would be radical.   


A similar setup in the vein of Spider-Man would be easy enough to accomplish in a Daredevil adaptation. As you make your way through Hell’s Kitchen, you will upgrade Daredevil’s move set, gear, and senses. During the day, you will play out as a reputable lawyer, helping your clients obtain justice in all the shady happenings that take place in the city, and by doing so, your status will rise and impact your play-through. This would be accomplished through dialog choices and opportunities for both the day-time lawyer and the night-time man without fear. Collect religious artifacts to help upgrade your health and defense at local churches, and pray that you will defeat the enemies that haunt the city. Work with other everyday heroes to stop the crime boss that infects everything you hold dear.    

Power Rangers:

Zordon summons five new teenagers to take on the Power Ranger’s legacy. Angel Grove is once again in trouble, and it is up to the newly selected team to take on a new threat that hovers over the Earth. Pick from any of the rangers and complete missions to upgrade your rangers’ abilities, weapons, and megazords. Alpha 5 will assist the rangers in missions and can teleport the rangers to various places such as the moon and nearby planets. Stop at the juice bar to make various drinks that can be used to boost powers, stop Bulk and Skull from degrading the value of Angel Grove, and unlock fast travel options in the process. Megazords will be customizable and have a variety of combat depending on the ranger selected, and whether you are inside your zord or fully transformed. It’s definitely, “Morphin Time!” in any case. 

What other franchises deserve to shine in the same spotlight? Do you enjoy Batman or Spider-Man games currently or is there something you would change about them? Do you like the open world concept of these types of games? Lets hear your thoughts on the matter.

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