New Nintendo Controller Patent Surfaces After Twitter User Uncovers Filing

We all know how Nintendo likes to work in the shadows when it comes to future reveals and now, yet again, it seems Nintendo has filed a new controller patent. Discovered by Twitter user @SillyTweet5 who stumbled across it through the patent office, he posted an abstract outlining the description along with a picture of the potential input device. This patent was made in 2021 by Nintendo and was recently published this year so we can only speculate what this could relate to.

The abstract of US 2022001272 – (A1) goes on to say:

“A game controller according to the present disclosure includes: a housing; and an internal structural body accommodated inside of the housing,” reads the patent’s abstract. “The internal structural body includes at least: an internal frame having an installation surface and a recess adjacent to the installation surface; a battery that is accommodated in the recess of the internal frame and has a first surface that opposes a bottom surface of the recess and a second surface on a side opposite to that of the first surface; and a flexible substrate that is installed on the installation surface of the internal frame and includes a conductive pattern. The flexible substrate is arranged so as to cover at least a portion of the second surface of the battery accommodated in the recess.”

We know that many patents get filed, but not many advance beyond the visionary prototype process, so where does this concept fit into Nintendo’s future plans? Patents sometimes are filed to encase an idea, concept, function, or mechanical purpose, so this may be a way to embody something within this drawing in future gaming experiences. Nintendo has been quiet on the filing, and we probably won’t hear anything in the near future or even at all.

What can you decipher from this patent drawing and description? Do you think its related to the current Nintendo Switch or are we looking at some future concept? Could it be a new way to play or a way to play future editions to the Nintendo Online library? Let us know your thoughts on this patent.  

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