Colonial Marines stand in front of a dropship.

Boss Rush Banter: What New Campaign Missions Do You Want in Aliens: Fireteam Elite?

The “Year One Road Map” is almost complete, and Cold Iron Studios has yet to share a vision for the future of Aliens: Fireteam Elite beyond the current wave of content. Despite most of the fresh content coming in the form of cosmetic extras, a steady base of fans remains fiercely dedicated to the game.

Cold Iron Studios has released two new marine kits, Phalanx and Lancer, and has promised a new game mode in the final season of Year One. While fans have enjoyed the work being done by the small indie studio, most have hoped for more campaign missions to release. Cold Iron Studios has done incredible work thus far, particularly for the size of their team; the environments and visuals truly capture what Aliens feels like. But if the developers can deliver the goods on new campaign missions, what should the storylines be?

After wrapping up the final campaign, “The Only Way to Be Sure,” players are debriefed with a report that there are future battles to be fought, that Xenomorphs continue to plague the Human Sphere, and that the UPP might be sending a ship into the quadrant. Oh the possibilities!

Overrun Colony

The second set of campaign missions, “Giants in the Earth,” are visually stunning and outdoor spaces on the planet provide a reprieve from the dark and claustrophobic hallways of Katanga. If the Colonial Marines do in fact routinely deal with Xenomorph infestations among the colonies, as the game’s narrative suggests, landing at an overrun colony or human settlement might be engaging.

UPP Ship

The Union of Progressive Peoples has long had an adversarial relationship with the capitalist-minded United Americas. Boarding a hostile UPP ship in space could offer fresh narratives and the chance to fight human enemies as well as Xenomorphs. As established in the comics and many novels of the Aliens narrative universe, the UPP doesn’t hold the same fascination with synthetics as the United Americas. Having to battle human enemies would allow for a moral ambiguity that could slow a Colonial Marine’s reaction time in the heat of battle. Are the people players encounter in need of help, possible allies, or sworn enemies?

Queen Slayer

Perhaps the number one wish from the fans of Aliens: Fireteam Elite is the chance to battle a Xenomorph Queen. The final mission of the currently available campaigns, “Regicide,” allows players to battle nest guardians in the heart of the hive. As the self-destruct process begins in the reactor core, the queen does emerge, but she is impervious to attack and players can only flee for their lives. Getting to take down the queen would be spectacular.

Tell us what you think! What new campaign missions are you hoping for in Aliens: Fireteam Elite? Share your reactions in the comments below or join in the discussion on Boss Rush Network’s Discord and Facebook.

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