CAPCOM SHOWCASE: Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Reveals — Demo Coming June 14th

Today’s Capcom Showcase is sure to make Monster Hunter fans everywhere rejoice as we get closer and closer to the release of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak! As part of a showcase that included new looks at Capcom titles including Street Fighter 6, Resident Evil 4, Capcom Arcade Stadium, and more, Sunbreak opened the showcase the Monster Hunter news was massive. Reveals were the name of the game as Monster Hunter series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto guided us through the biggest drop of new content yet which gamers should look forward to.

In what was the first of two massive returning monster announcements, we got our first look at Espinas, a thorny wyvern that has only been seen in the Japan-only Monster Hunter release Monster Hunter Frontier.

Also making a return in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is the Daimyo Hermitaur, a crab monster that uses the skull of a Diablos (and sometimes a Monoblos) as its shell, and the variant flying wyvern Lucent Nargacuga, a cougarlike wyvern that can render itself invisible in moonlight. Introduced in the trailer as well was the Pyre Rakna-Kadaki, a new subspecies of the flame-breathing spider monster first introduced in Monster Hunter Rise.

In the most exciting news of all, we have the return of one of the most requested franchise monsters of all time — Gore Magala. This Elder Dragon is able to emit pollen from its scales that can inflict a frenzy virus on other monsters and hunters alike, changing the dynamics of every battle in which it is encountered.

Also revealed in the showcase was the announcement of a demo coming to both Switch and PC (via Steam) for Sunbreak that launches on June 14th. The demo will feature tutorials to get players acquainted with the various game mechanics of Monster Hunter Rise and give players a first look at the new Silkbind moves and Switch Skills coming to the game’s expansion. The demo will also give hunters a chance to fight against four of the game’s monsters at various difficulties including Astalos and Malzeno.

Capcom also revealed the roadmap for Sunbreak which has Lucent Nargacuga, new location “Forlorn Arena”, and more special species of monsters landing in August 2022. There’s more updates to come through the Fall and Winter of 2022 and going all the way into 2023.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Title Update Roadmap

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is coming to Switch and PC on June 30th. Sharpen your weapons and get your armor polished because this is one Monster Hunter expansion that you won’t want to miss!

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Gameplay Trailer Capcom Showcase 2022

Are you planning on playing Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak? What did you think of the newest gameplay trailer in today’s showcase?

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