Boss Rush Banter: What Do You Think of Hideo Kojima Teaming Up with Microsoft?

During the XBox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022, Hideo Kojima made a brief but potentially huge appearance. When it comes to fame, even in an industry as massive as video games, few people attain household name status. But with the legendary Metal Gear series, Kojima-san achieved just that. His fame is galvanized by his public presence, celebrity friendships, and interesting career moves. And throughout the decades his greatest works have all been on Sony platforms. Cut to Microsoft Games CEO Phil Spencer ushering Hideo Kojima into Microsoft’s stable.

When the camera throws to Kojima-san with a simple, “Thank you, Phil.” The moment sends shockwaves through an industry that still defines itself by platform exclusivity. Furthermore, Kojima-san explains that working with Microsoft will let him create a game that “[he has] always wanted to make,” and that it will “be a completely new experience.”

Regardless of platform, I’m excited to know that Hideo Kojima is still striving to make new and ambitious games. And though this announcement feels massive, it also makes me roll my eyes. See, the nature of video games industry news has come to feed on the smallest of crumbs. Press releases that give no details. Game updates and teaser trailers that barely establish premise or gameplay, much less release dates. And, in this case, the appearance of shifting allegiances. However, Kojima Productions was quick to clarify through their own channels that they have not abandoned their relationship with Sony. This is important as we see the biggest hardware and software companies buy up the most profitable smaller ones.

Kojima Studios clarifies that it is not becoming an XBox-exclusive partner.

Regardless, I’m sure this could be a fertile partnership! But what do you think? How important is it that Hideo Kojima is bringing his next original game to Xbox? Discuss down in the comments or over at the Boss Rush Discord.

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Source: XBox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022, Kojima Productions

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