Aliens: Fireteam Elite Season 4 “Prestige” Announced

Aliens: Fireteam Elite Season 4, called “Prestige,” has been announced by Cold Iron Studios and will go live July 26.

The season is the final release for the Year One Road Map and will be the last of the free content at this time. The paid DLC “Pathogen” is set to release August 30, priced at $15 (USD).

What’s New?

Season 4 will offer a fresh batch of cosmetics, including weapon colors and decals, as well as new gear for the Colonial Marines. Additionally, the “Prestige Rewards” appear to allow players to level up their gear to unlock rare and unique appearances, an exciting feature for players looking to separate themselves from the competition.

Image: Cold Iron Studios

The season will also add four new weapons that can be unlocked by players:

  • M51 Breaching Scattergun: “Armat’s Double-shot burst shotgun with wide coverage, but minimal accuracy beyond close range.”
  • P.649 HEL: “Weyland-Yutani’s High-Energy Laser. A highly accurate, long range, ammo-based energy weapon with stronger charged shots.”
  • SVAT-92 Sokol: “The only fully automatic Sniper Rifle. Effective against multiple long distance threats, but with less stopping power than traditional sniper rifles.”
  • DKT-59 Misha: “Shotgun-like hand gun with devastating short range stopping power, but frequent reloading needs and low long range accuracy.”

The upcoming season will also include a new game mode, “Restock Turrets,” a new twist on Horde Mode that will have enemies attacking from all directions. Players’ only chance at survival is to keep the turrets stocked.

Season 4 will introduce the Fabrication Reprocessor, a feature that allows players to recycle three unwanted challenge cards for one new card that is guaranteed to be different from the discarded ones. This is a welcome change, particularly for players trying to complete the extreme and insane difficulties, a feat that often requires rare challenge cards like “Ammo Horder” and “Human Tanks,” which grant players extra ammunition or life.

Crossplay Here At Last

Image: Cold Iron Studios

Perhaps the most requested improvement that will release with Season 4 is the crossplay feature. Players will have two ways to access the crossplay function: a user generated code and quickplay. It will be available in all Aliens: Fireteam Elite game modes. The news is certainly noteworthy since finding and joining other users during matchmaking has been the single greatest frustration among fans of the game.

Endeavor Pass

For those who purchased the Deluxe Edition of Aliens: Fireteam Elite (or wish to purchase packs individually), the next phase of the Endeavor Pass is here: “Frontier Freelance Pack.” The theme for this pack appears to be a nod to Alien 3, particularly with the Weyland Yutani APEsuit MK.3.

Image: Cold Iron Studios

The individual packs for the Endeavor Pass sell for $9.99 (USD). For players who subscribe to Xbox Game Pass, there is a 10% discount, dropping the price to $8.99 (USD). The packs may be purchased here.

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Source: Cold Iron Studios

Featured Image: Cold Iron Studios

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