Comic-Con Day Two: Marvel Animation, The Walking Dead Expand Respective Universes

Day two of the San Diego Comic-Con International was a big day for many popular franchises as fans learned more about upcoming Marvel, Lord of the Rings, and other productions. Some of the reveals included trailers, first looks, cast announcements, and many more.

Comic-Con will run through Sunday, July 24 with plenty of announcements during day one of the event. Be sure to check back to Boss Rush Network for further announcements throughout the convention.

Marvel Animation Showcases Five Shows

Video Credit: Marvel Animation

Marvel Animation was busy during its panel at Comic-Con, providing fans with a trailer for I Am Groot as well as first looks at Spider-Man: Freshman Year, X-Men ‘97, and Marvel Zombies.

I Am Groot is a series of shorts starring the eponymous Groot with the voice talents of Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper. Marvel unveiled a trailer for the show, which is set to air on Disney Plus on Aug. 10, during its panel.

Fans also learned more about the prequel series Spider-Man: Freshman Year, which takes place prior to Captain America: Civil War. The show will air on Disney Plus in 2024.

The show will feature Peter Parker — without Tom Holland’s voice — as well as Nico Minoru of the Runaways, Harry Osborn, Chameleon, the Scorpion, Rhino, and Dr. Otto Octavius. Marvel also revealed Charlie Cox will voice Matt Murdock/Daredevil in the show. 

Marvel Zombies, set for 2024, will carry a TV-MA rating, a unique step. This more adult-oriented approach further aligns the studio with recent moves such as bringing the Netflix Marvel shows to Disney Plus as well as adding the R-rated Deadpool movies and Logan to the streaming service.

Marvel said its take on the undead will feature “all the gore and splatter you want from a zombie show.” The show will pick up where the What If…? episode left off in season one.

Photo Credit: Comic Book

The animation studio will also have shows in 2023 with X-Men ‘97 and What If…? season two set for release on Disney Plus during the year. Marvel revealed What If…? season two is slated for early 2023 but didn’t show a preview to the public. There will also be a third season in the future.

As for X-Men ‘97, fans can expect it to drop in the fall of 2023, picking up where X-Men: The Animated Series left off. The studio showed off a few frames of the show during its panel.

The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power Unveils New Trailer

Video Credit: Prime Video

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power has garnered a lot of interest lately thanks to its first trailer from about a week ago. Amazon Studios followed that up with another trailer during its Comic-Con panel.

The trailer for the prequel offered a deeper look into Middle Earth as well as views of familiar characters such as Sauron and the Balrog. 

The show will take place in the Second Age of Middle Earth, prior to the events of the original Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit during the Third Age. The opening scene of The Fellowship of the Ring is the end of the Second Age when Isilidur claims the One Ring after defeating Sauron.

The Walking Dead Showcases Final Episodes, Spinoff

Video Credit: AMC

The Walking Dead is set to wrap up with an eight-episode finale starting Oct. 2 after spending over a decade on the air. AMC revealed a trailer for those episodes during its panel.

AMC also took the time to confirm a spinoff, which will air in 2023, centered on Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira). Lincoln left the show in season nine with Gurira following the next season. 

The network had previously announced a movie trilogy centered on Lincoln’s character but this six-episode series will replace them. AMC released the following synopsis:

“This series presents an epic love story of two characters changed by a changed world. Kept apart by distance. By an unstoppable power. By the ghosts of who they were. Rick and Michonne are thrown into another world, built on a war against the dead… And ultimately, a war against the living. Can they find each other and who they were in a place and situation unlike any they’ve ever known before? Are they enemies? Lovers? Victims? Victors? Without each other, are they even alive — or will they find that they, too, are The Walking Dead?”

Video Credit: AMC

Another addition to The Walking Dead Universe is the anthology series Tales of the Walking Dead, which had a trailer during the AMC panel. This show will air on AMC+ on Aug. 14 and will feature six standalone episodes centered on new and established characters in the universe.

Other Announcements

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Games (Via Gamepur)

There were plenty of other announcements and reveals during the second day of Comic-Con. Here just some of them:

  • Transformers: Earthspark unveiled its full voice cast including Danny Pudi, Alan Tudyk, and Sydney Mikayla.
  • Apple TV+ renewed For All Mankind, a drama about if the space race never ended, for a fourth season.
  • DC announced a prequel comic series for the upcoming video game Gotham Knights. The six-issue series, beginning July 25, is called Batman: Gotham Knights — Gilded City.
  • Dynamite Entertainment announced a new comic series about the Disney TV show Gargoyles. The comic series will pick up where the show left off. 
  • LeBron James will be the newest fighter in the free platform brawler MultiVersus. James appears as he did in Space Jam: A New Legacy.
  • Batman and Spawn will cross over in a 48-page one-shot as part of a collaboration between DC and Image Comics. 
  • Keanu Reeves’s anime BRZRKR gets two seasons on Netflix. Reeves is also developing a BRZRKR novel with an unnamed author.
  • The first film from Avatar Studios will focus on Aang from the original series.

What to Expect For Day Three

Image Credit: Warner Bros. (Via IndieWire)

Day three at Comic-Con is shaping up to be chock full of announcements and reveals.

All eyes will be on the Marvel Cinematic Universe panel, which will feature Marvel President Kevin Feige. DC and Netflix will also be on hand with a special video presentation and Q&A for the upcoming The Sandman series. 

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will join Black Adam director Jaume Collet-Serra, Zachary Levi, and others for a theatrical session for Black Adam and Shazam: Fury of the Gods

The Star Trek universe will also step up to bat with a large panel that include Patrick Stewart and Gates McFadden of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame. 

House of Dragon, a Game of Thrones spinoff set to air Aug. 21, will host a large panel of cast and crew, including George R. R. Martin.

Cartoon Network will also have a panel with guests from various shows across the network. This panel is expected to act as a quiz show.

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