Return to Monkey Island Slated for Release on Xbox Series S/X, Playstation 5

Return to Monkey Island is making its way to Xbox Series S/X and Playstation 5 on Nov. 8, officially hitting all four major platforms.

Publisher Devolver Digital made the announcement via a YouTube video, showcasing the work of developer Terrible Toybox. The game, which will also be on Xbox Game Pass, originally debuted on PC via Steam and the Nintendo Switch on Sept. 19.

This is the sixth game in the series, which Lucasfilm Games helped develop. The series started in 1990. Return to Monkey Island is a point-and-click adventure game that continues the story from where the first two games The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge left off. 

“It’s been many years since Guybrush Threepwood was last locked in a battle of wits with his nemesis, the zombie pirate LeChuck. His true love, Elaine Marley, has turned her focus away from governing and Guybrush himself is adrift and unfulfilled, having never found the Secret of Monkey Island. Hip, young pirate leaders, led by Captain Madison, have shuffled the old guard from power. Melee Island has taken a turn for the worse, and famed businessman Stan has been imprisoned for ‘marketing-related crimes.’”

Return to Monkey Island Synopsis

The game utilizes a point-and-click method of gameplay to solve puzzles and explore the world of Monkey Island. Though the controls are retro, the game uses a modern approach to keep it fresh.

Return to Monkey Island’s release on the additional platforms comes at the hands of a successful launch on the Switch and PC. It quickly became the fastest selling game in the franchise.

It’s always good to see a game release on numerous consoles. This is exciting for Xbox and PS5 gamers alike and looks to fit in perfectly among the Xbox Game Pass library.

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Featured Image: Terrible Toybox

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