Sony Announces That God of War Ragnarök is Now its Fastest-Selling First-Party Title

Sony congratulated @SonySantaMonica on Twitter for its recent title God of War Ragnarök. Sony stated that the game is the fastest-selling first-party game in Sony’s history. It also, in turn, is the God of War franchises biggest debut. The game sold more than 5 million copies in a weeks’ time. The previous holder of this record was The Last of Us Part II, which sold roughly 4 million copies.

Source: Sony Twitter

Sony had excellent luck with God of War in 2018 which it reached above 3 million sold in its debut and its lifetime sales have reached 23 million. I’m certain this game will do the same if not more in its lifetime. One can wonder where the series will head next.

Have you played any of the God of War games? Have you played the new one? Do you like the gameplay in the newer series or previous titles? Let us know your thoughts.

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