Boss Rush Banter: Which Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Are You Most Excited to Play?

It’s been only a few days since the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster released on console and many have wallowed deep into nostalgia.

Even if you didn’t grow up with these titles, this collection of the first six games in this storied franchise is a great way to experience JRPG history. Either way, the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster have drawn a lot of interest and discussion surrounding these retro titles.

The collection included numerous upgrades including enhanced soundtracks, quality-of-life improvements, streamlined gameplay, and many other features. Despite the improvements, many of the Final Fantasy remasters don’t feature some of the additional content from past remasters.

There’s definitely a discussion to be had about if these are the definitive way to enjoy these classic JRPG titles. Today, however, we’re focusing on the six games as they play on this collection.

So, which game in the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster are you most excited to play?

I know there are many who have dove headfirst into these games, but there are many, like myself who haven’t yet. That said, I am so excited to jump into these titles as I missed them all the first time around.

Image Credit: Square Enix (via Nintendo Life)

In terms of legacy, Final Fantasy IV and VI have both gone down as classics and some of the best the franchise has to offer. Final Fantasy VI, in particular, saw significant enhancements including some minor 2D-HD elements.

While both FFIV and FFVI rightfully get the spotlight, many have also said don’t sleep on Final Fantasy V. In fact, a friend of mine has regularly encouraged me to jump into FFV as he sees it as the most underrated of the series.

Fans of gaming history may be most excited to jump into Final Fantasy I-III. The original trilogy is much simpler than what the franchise became, but many say it plays a vital role in how the franchise, and JRPG genre, began and got to where it is today.

All six games look great and I’m excited to jump into them. As for me, the SNES trilogy (Final Fantasy IV-VI) is what I’m most excited to play.

I’ve heard amazing reviews on Final Fantasy VI as its story is something to behold. My friend has also gotten me amped up to try Final Fantasy V.

All that said, I am thrilled to play all six at some point. I’ve become a hug fan of RPGs in recent years and playing Final Fantasy VII for the first time last year was an absolute joy. I’m excited to see where it all began.

What about you? Which Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster are you most excited to play? Is you’ve started playing, which one has been the most enjoyable so far? Let us know in the comments below or head over to our Discord channel to join the conversation.

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    1. Funny enough, I haven’t played any of the original six Final Fantasy games. I’m stoked for them through this pack. Besides VI and IV, I think I’m most excited for V.

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