Freaky Friday Sequel in The Works, Lindsay Lohan And Jamie Lee Curtis Expected To Return

Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis, who starred in Disney’s 2003 version of Freaky Friday, are discussing reuniting for a long-awaited sequel to the popular body-swap comedy.

Directed by Mark Waters, the original film told the story of a mother and daughter, Anna and Tess Coleman, who wake up one Friday morning to find themselves in each other’s bodies. The movie quickly became a beloved classic, known for Curtis and Lohan’s exceptional performances and their uncanny ability to embody one another’s characters.

The possibility of a sequel was raised during a New York Times interview commemorating the film’s 20th anniversary. In recent months, rumors about a sequel had been circulating, fueled by an Instagram post from Curtis herself. In February, she shared a photo of her and Lohan on Instagram, along with a caption that hinted at the possibility of a sequel. Curtis further confirmed the news at the Producers Guild Awards, expressing her certainty that the sequel would indeed happen.

The sequel is currently in development at Disney, with Lohan and Curtis expected to reprise their roles as Anna and Tess Coleman. Plot details for the sequel are yet unknown. The script for the sequel is being written by Elyse Hollander, a talented emerging writer whose previous work has garnered recognition on the Black List as reported by Variety.

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Source: New York Times

Featured Image: Disney+

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