How to Unlock Night Expeditions in Pikmin 4

“The night is dark and full of terrors” is a quote from Game of Thrones that oddly applies to Nintendo’s Pikmin series. The latest installment, Pikmin 4, however, now includes night-time expeditions. It isn’t immediately available and needs to be unlocked. So, where and when in the game can you take on Pikmin’s enemies in the throes of darkness?

  1. Rescue Yonnie, the doctor.

This was going to be a more in-depth how-to until I realize not everyone will find Yonnie in the same location. I found him in the “Sightless Passage” cave in Blossoming Arcadia while several other resources also cite the “Drafty Gallery” and “Kingdom of Beasts”.

I found Yonnie in the Sightless Passage.
Image Source: Nintendo

I’ve concluded that you would rescue Yonnie after you find a certain amount of other castaways, with the high likelihood it will be in Blossoming Arcadia. Upon review of the castaways I’ve saved until Yonnie, he was the 10th non-Leafling.

2. Speak with Yonnie the following day.

After you conclude your mission and the next day begins, you will find Yonnie near his crew mates. Talk to him about requiring glow sap in order to cure the Leaflings. The glow sap is drawn from Luminknoll, a structure you must protect from enemies for the length of the night with the help of Glow Pikmin.

Image Source: Nintendo

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Featured Image Source: Nintendo

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