GAME REVIEW: Colored Effects

Title: Colored Effects
Developer: Tacsou
Publisher: Flynn’s Arcade
Release Date: November 23rd 2023
Reviewed on: Nintendo Switch


Colored Effects is a puzzle platformer with occasional Boss fights between the levels. The game originally came out on Steam.


Navigate the area and discover ways to solve the puzzle to open the doors to freedom. 40 levels to keep you thinking and entertained. Boss fights to break up the puzzling and change the pace of the adventure.


Control your character to hit switches, move boxes, press buttons, and change colors to change the environment and gather crystals to open the gates to proceed to the next area. They have signs in the game where you can save some of your progress, so you don’t always have to go completely back to the start if you make a small mistake. Look for patterns and shortcuts to help you throughout each level.

The gameplay 

As you start out, they introduce you to simplistic puzzles like switches and buttons you must activate by pushing blocks over the top of them to keep fans on or perhaps a door open. The farther along within the levels the more elements are added into the mix like reflective blocks, and fans. Each new piece causes new ways to complete each level.

The main part of the gameplay though comes in its colors. For the first 20 levels we see a pattern. Introduction of a color and its effect and finishes on the fourth level with a boss fight using the color to defeat it.

The Color and its Effect:

When you have multiple colors within a level this can drastically change how you accomplish the goal of that particular level. Most levels consist of gather 3 colored crystals to open gates blocking the exit, while other levels require you to walk through a gate with each color that activates it to exit the level.

Final Score:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Colored Effects: This game on the surface started out as what seemed to be a basic side scrolling type game, but the deeper I went into this puzzle game the more I appreciated how fun it was to exercise my brain to complete each stage.

Combining colors with various powers to solve puzzles to proceed to the next level had me captured and it did it so easily. By giving me a new color, a boss between each new one, kept the gameplay fresh like a new coat of paint. The music was catchy and went well with the boss battles. I appreciated this while trying to get the pattern right.

If you want a fun experience with puzzles and platforming, you should check this game out. It was great for short bursts of gameplay and when you couldn’t figure out a certain level you just put it down, thought about how you could do it different, and come back later with a new strategy. Please try this at your leisure.

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