Rainbow Road Hot Wheels Set to Speed into Stores This May

Mario Kart and Hot Wheels can offer some of the most fun experiences for children (and adults, for that matter), so it’s no wonder that the two have teamed up recently to produce licensed toys to collect and play with. A new racetrack based on the infamous Rainbow Road will be premiering on May 20th, if a recent Amazon listing is to be believed.

The description for the play set doesn’t have much information, but does include several photos to give a good idea of what’s to be expected. Five racers will travel downhill on a track featuring wavy, rainbow flooring in an exciting race to the finish.

Rainbow Road is renown for being one of the final tracks in most Mario games and featuring no guard rails to prevent carts from slipping off its dangerous sides. The Hot Wheels set doesn’t seem to share this trait, for better or worse, so those afraid of heights should be in the clear.

The set also unveils a new racer, King Boo, to join the current roster of 15.

This is the fifth race track Hot Wheels as produced based off of Mario Kart, each having their own exciting gimmick: Bowser’s Castle Chaos for instance has a statue with swinging fists, while the ghosts in Boo’s Spooky Sprint spin, threatening to knock off unlucky racers. It’s unknown what exactly the gimmick for Rainbow Road will be, but there does appear to be flippers of popular Mario Kart hazards that will pop up and hinder racers.

Check out the photos from the official Amazon page below, and let us know what you think. Does this look like something worthy of adding to your gaming or Hot Wheels collection? What other Mario Kart tracks or racers would you like to see come in toy form? We’d love to hear what you have to say!

Source: Amazon, Hot Wheels

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