Aliens: Fireteam Elite Gets Free Update, New Marine Class Kit

Aliens: Fireteam Elite received a free content update today, which includes a new marine Class Kit (Phalanx), additional weapons, new cosmetic options, and a bundle of extras for owners of the Deluxe Edition of the game; the update is now live.

Here is Cold Iron Studios’ description of the Phalanx Class Kit, which features a collapsible riot shield:

“Marine Phalanxes are named for their collapsible shields, which allow them to serve as mobile bunkers. As one arm is needed to hold the shield up, they are armed with a Handgun and CQW [Close Quarters Weapon], both of which can be wielded in one hand. When swarmed, they can trigger a point-blank Shock Pulse to disrupt foes.”

Patch also includes four new weapons: L33 Pike (Rifle), L-59 Minigun (Heavy), Type 88 Heavy Assault Rifle (Rifle), and N79 EVA Laser (Handgun). The patch features two new weapons decals–Nuke From Orbit and Nostromo–as well as a new head accessory, the Straw Cowboy Hat.

The Phalanx Class Kit allows marines to take cover behind a collapsible shield.

Those who own the Deluxe Edition of Aliens: Fireteam Elite also received the “Wey-Yu Armoury DLC.” The DLC pack includes a variety of Weyland-Yutani skins, weapons decals, and head accessories, along with new weapon colorways and new emotes. Finally, the pack grants players three Challenge Cards Packs, three Consumables Packs, 12k Requisition Credits, and 750 Reputation Script. The Deluxe Edition upgrade may be purchased for $9.99 (USD).

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Source: Aliens: Fireteam Elite, @AliensFireteamE

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