Newly Surfaced Patents Reveal AI Upscaling for Nintendo

With a week until the release of the Nintendo Switch OLED model, an interesting article was released in the Bloomberg Report on Wednesday claiming that 11 different developers have 4K development kits. Within the article itself it states that a company known as Zynga has one of these kits. Zynga is known for their games Farmville (2009), Words with Friends 2 (2017), and the most recent project Star Wars Hunters, that has yet to be released. Within the hour of the article releasing Nintendo made a statement denying the claims. Most likely to avoid any sale declines of the OLED model if this was to be true.

Shortly after Nintendo denied this, another source, Gamereactor backed up the Bloomberg publication, stating they know of one triple A company who has one of these 4K kits, though no evidence has backed this claim up. Also, Zynga released a statement that “Zynga does not have a 4K developer kit from Nintendo.” There has been a lot of back and forth that has been occurring, and a lot confusion has been caused, but after a certain document has been filed it seems we have our answer.

Just recently a few people on Resetera have uncovered two separate patents, filed by Nintendo European Research & Development, (NERD) located in Paris, France. The patents relate to AI upscaling, which is what rumors of the new OLED model switch was supposed to incorporate. Though these patents are pending its what the patents relate to that are most interesting to note.

Whether this be for a new Switch model coming soon, or an entirely new console from Nintendo is a whole different discussion. What do you think of this development? Do you feel like we will be getting a newer console soon, even though the OLED is going to be on the market? We shall hopefully find out soon enough.

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