Nintendo Releases Latest Financials With 107.65 million Switches Sold

Nintendo revealed some updated numbers in their latest financial report on May 10th. Nintendo showcased that the Switch has reached 107.65 million units sold as of the end of March 2022. They also reported that currently 39 first-party titles have sold over 1 million. Nintendo only includes software that have achieved this status in their reports. Some note worthy titles released in the last quarter include Pokemon Legends Arceus selling 11.4 million in 10 weeks and Kirby and the Forgotten Land selling 2.1 million in just 2 weeks.

Nintendo also showed an info graph of games revealed previously that are slated to come out in 2022. This still shows Bayonetta 3 coming this year. Also, what is interesting is they have Mario Strikers: Battle League coming out June 10th, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes coming June 24th, and the DLC Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak coming June 30th, which are all releasing in the same month. This indicates to me that Nintendo has a lot of software potentially in the shadows, that they have waiting to be released as well as they don’t seem to be afraid to bring multiple games and content within a short period of time from other software releases. Other games still releasing this year are Xenoblade Chronicles 3 on July 29th, Splatoon 3 September 9th, as well as Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, Advance Wars 1 +2 Re-Boot Camp, and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet yet to receive street dates.

Sales are looking great for Nintendo, but were you surprised by any of the numbers shown? Do you think more games will be revealed for the holiday season when we have so many games already that have not been given a specific release date? Any guesses on additional games yet to be revealed for this year if any? What games are you excited for this year and beyond? Let us know your thoughts.

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