PODCAST: PSA | Video Games Aren’t Causing Mass Shootings — The Cross Roads Podcast EPISODE 83

In this episode LeRon, Austin, and Chris have the conversation that needed to be had:
Violence in America and What Video Games Have To Do With It.

The crew also talks about Sony’s ambitious plans for PSVR and Games as a Service, a notable departure from 343 Industries, a rumored Sony exclusive making its way to PC, and more on this episode of The Cross Roads Podcast!

Special guests this week are Eddie Varnell from Nintendo Pow Block and streamer and content creator Douglas Bravo.

Cross Roads: The PlayStation Podcast Episode 83

Tonight’s Guests:

Doug Bravo: Twitter  |  YouTube
Edward Varnell: Twitter | Instagram

The Cross Roads Team:

LeRon Dawkins: Twitter  |  Twitch
Austin Campbell: Twitter
Stoy Jovic: Twitter | EXPCast
Chris True: Twitter

Time Stamps:

00:00 – Opening and Housekeeping
18:05 – What Are We Playing?

Notable Games Coming to PlayStation This Week

A new month is upon us and the week’s releases are rather interesting, to say the least. The pickings are rather small, but there are definitely a few noteworthy titles in the list, particularly driving sim SnowRunner which gets a PlayStation 5 port this week, and the upcoming Indie title SILT.

36:16 – Notable Games Releasing This Week


PlayStation Sets Eye on Games As A Service

Jim Ryan announces that PlayStation is set to release two live services games during the current fiscal year. Live services titles which are better known as Games as a Service (GaaS) are games that are considered “games with no end”.

45:42 – PlayStation’s GaaS Plans

Returnal Might Be Coming To PC

SteamDB, a website that logs new listings on Steam and is not affiliated with Valve, recently logged a new listing for a product that is very likely to be the PS5 exclusive Returnal.

56:33 – Returnal Rumored for PC

Jerry Hook exits Halo Infinite

Jerry Hook, head of design for Halo Infinite, announced his departure from 343 Industries via Twitter teasing a “Next Saga coming soon” on his LinkedIn profile.

1:08:27 – Jerry Hook leaves 343i

Sony Wants 1.5 Million Units of PSVR2 at Launch

Sony has plans to manufacture 1.5 million PSVR2 headsets for the second half of this year, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, a reliable supply chain analyst.

1:19:57 – PSVR2 Outline by Sony


PlayStation Sets Eye on Games As A Service

America’s mass shootings are among the most horrific of experiences imaginable for both the victims of them and their closest loved ones who endure them. As more and more mass shootings steadily plague the country, politicians, the media, and people who have major influence over the masses always target one thing when teenagers and young adults engage in public gun violence: Video Games.

1:32:48 – Video Games Aren’t Causing Mass Shootings

The Wrap-Up

2:19:30 – The Wrap-up and Plugs
2:25:59 – Featured Articles on Boss Rush:

Featured Articles From This Show

2:27:28 – Outro

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