Midnight Suns Has a Release Date, New Trailer After D23 Expo Showcase

Marvel’s Midnight Suns has a new release date of Dec. 2 on most consoles, pairing with a trailer as part of Marvel’s announcement at the D23 Expo.

Video Credit: Firaxis Games (via GameSpot Trailers)

Firaxis Games is developing Marvel’s Midnight Suns, a tactical role-playing game that features a host of superheroes. The Dec. 2 release applies to the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC while no date is set for the Switch.

Those interested in Midnight Suns can expect a similar strategic form of gameplay as XCOM. Players can also enjoy a social aspect as they can control Hunter, an original character for the game that interacts with the larger universe and characters.

Marvel is leaning heavily into the choices aspect of the game as it claims “every choice matters.”

Fans can further prepare for the game with a series of animated prequel shorts Marvel will release starting Oct. 31 on its YouTube channel. There will be five shorts and they will show how Lilith became the Mother of Demons as well as how the superheroes formed the Midnight Suns.

Video Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Marvel first announced Midnight Suns in 2021 with an original release date of Oct. 7, 2022 for all consoles but the Switch. The original delay came in August. 

This game has my attention and I am excited for it. I’m a big fan of RPGs and the idea of having one in the Marvel universe is a cool idea. I’m disappointed at no definite Switch release date but that seems to be the trend as Hogwarts Legacy did the same.

Source: IGN

Featured Image: Firaxis Games (via Game Informer)

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