Front Mission 1st: Remake Dated, New Gameplay Trailer Dropping Tomorrow

Square Enix has revealed the release date for their long awaited strategy RPG Front Mission 1st: Remake, along with the announcement that a new gameplay trailer will arrive tomorrow.

Players will be able to enjoy an enhanced remake of the original Front Mission on November 30 on Nintendo Switch.

The new gameplay trailer will premiere November 3 at 9:00am EST on the game’s official YouTube channel.

First released in 1995, the game occurs during 2090, where giant mechs called Wanzers are the central method for waging war. Front Mission consists of dozens of characters to meet, a mature story, and deep tactical RPG gameplay that is sure to satisfy gamers for hours.

The Remake promises to have enhanced visuals, a modern mode with improved controls, and its noteworthy soundtrack fully orchestrated.

Remakes for both Front Mission 2 and Front Mission 3 are also in the works, although there is no official release date at this time.

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Source: Forever Entertainment

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