Boss Rush Banter: Which of the Elite Four is the Most Fun to Battle in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

As a traditionalist, I was most excited to battle all the gym leaders in Paldea and challenge the region’s Elite Four. Who were they? What types would they specialize in? What tactics would they use? While I may not be as competitive as our friend Nemona, I do appreciate a great challenge. If you made it this far in your Pokemon journey, which of the Elite Four did you find the most fun battling?


Rika is the first member of the Elite Four you battle, and she specializes in Ground-type Pokemon. Despite the specialty, she had Pokemon with dual types in her arsenal, like Whiscash (water/ground), Camerupt (fire/ground), and Clodsire (poison/ground). Rika provided a significant challenge and was no push over as a first of four. I also really liked her style and personality, so she may be my personal favorite.

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Poppy is…a spunky little one, but don’t be fooled by her babyish look. She wields strong steel-type Pokemon–most also carrying a secondary type. Her final Pokemon that she Terastalizes is Tinkaton, a formidable fairy/steel that can pack a punch with Gigaton Hammer.

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I was surprised this guy returned! Also the Medali gym leader, he now fights with flying types. I was curious as to why they re-used a character, but to be fair, there is something endearing about good ‘ol Larry. So while I like his personality, flying types tend to be easy to take down…and this battle was no different.

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Of course the final of the four has dragon type Pokemon. He wasn’t necessarily any harder than the others, but his soft side emerges if you manage to defeat him. To be completely honest, I used to be intimidated by dragon-type Pokemon, but after training up some string fairy types such as Dachsbun and Tinkaton, this battle was over in minutes.

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Overall, I think each of the Elite Four brought something fun and challenging at the end of Victory Road. Larry was one of my favorite gym leaders, but flying types are more or less a push over in battle (in my opinion), and I would say Rika is my personal favorite because of her style, down to earth personality (no pun intended due to her use of ground-type Pokemon), and challenge with her selection of Pokemon.

Which one did you enjoy battling the most and why? Please share your thoughts with us on our Boss Rush Facebook Group or our Boss Rush Discord.

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