Here’s What Features We are Hoping to See in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet are coming later this year, and The Pokémon Company will give us a closer look at these games Wednesday, August 3rd, at 6:00am PT. We don’t know very much about the Ninth Generation aside from the starters, the region that is based on Spain and Portugal, the fact that the games are open world, and a small handful of other Pokémon, so the possibilities of what we might see are almost endless. 

Here’s what we from Boss Rush Network are hoping to see in these new games!

With an open-world game, I’m hoping to complete the story in whatever order you want. Part of what I liked about Breath of the Wild was how I could start with any of the Divine Beasts and not feel like I was in the wrong spot of the game. I’d love it if Scarlet and Violet let you go to whichever gyms you’d want and really diversify your team with Pokémon from all over the region right off the bat. Get rid of the roadblocks or barriers, let us head straight for the all powerful Dragon Gym Leader right away. Give us optional locations that aren’t required to complete the story, but help prepare you for boss fights or unlock an extra feature. Just don’t railroad us all the way to the Pokémon League.”

-Brad M.

“I hope Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will combine the best of both worlds: traditional Pokémon gameplay and elements from Pokémon Arceus. While I eagerly await the return of gym battles, I hope there will be a plethora of side missions–from researching Pokémon for professors to executing a fun trade sequence. I also hope there are more options for the player; for example, you may need to earn a minimal number of badges, but there are double or triple the amount of gyms you can obtain them from. Finally, I really hope we see new Eevee evolutions (as seen in a recent Boss Rush Banter).

-Stephanie K.

Capturing 151 different monsters to train for battle seemed like a staggering task when Pokémon Red / Blue originally released on the Game Boy. However, this goal was made more attainable by allowing players to collaborate with fellow Pokémon trainers. At the time, the act of connecting two portable consoles with a cable was a revolutionary concept. Since then, the series has ironically veered away from being a shared collect-a-thon. Instead, our Pokémon journeys have grown more focused on telling bigger stories. While Pokémon Legends: Arceus broke new ground for the Pokémon franchise by revolutionizing battles and exploration, the game didn’t do much for players seeking a more integrated co-op Pokémon experience. Given what we’ve seen of Pokémon Scarlet / Violet, it’s safe to say that trainers will be able to explore the world of Pokémon together. But, what if this feature was bigger than we realize? Understandably, it’s important to curb expectations and admit that Pokémon Scarlet / Violet will likely not work as a flushed out MMORPG. Regardless, it’d be wonderful to at least dismiss the clunky multiplayer experience of previous Pokémon games for something more modern. What if Pokémon trainers could be seen adventuring on their own, and interacted with to initiate a trade or Pokémon battle? Let’s hope that Pokémon Scarlet / Violet marks the beginning of a seamless online Pokémon adventure!

-Dan C.

The Pokémon formula of catching and leveling up Pocket Monsters has been its staple, which I believe should remain, but I would love to see other elements within the game that evolve, so to speak. With the recent release of Pokémon Legends: Arceus, we saw a village that acted as the hub of the game. For a main line Pokémon game, I would love livelier cities and towns to explore and get lost in–maybe by adding more meaningful and rewarding side quests, secret areas within the city, or the ability to locate useful and rare items that play a more prominent role in some fashion. Another aspect that I think would be a fun way to enhance the gameplay is a leveling up system for the trainer. Maybe you can unlock new mechanics in traversing the map, have a deeper inventory menu, or in battle you could pick a class and unlock a skill tree that can enhance certain types of Pokémon. For example, pick the nutritionist role which could allow you, within a skill tree, to narrow down types of food and by selecting an attribute the player could specialize in herbs, and it boosts Normal and Grass types in your party.  These upgrades could shake up the variety in the formula and potentially make battling online with others feel more unique and less generic.  As always, evolution is key. 

-Shane K

I’d love to see more of a narrative. For an RPG, the story is pretty much the same. Visit all the gyms, stop the evil-yet-trendy team and become the champion, rinse, and repeat. We’ve gotten glimpses of more narrative-driven moments in the game but not necessarily being the main focus. I’d love for Pokémon Scarlet/Violet to give me an engaging story that has me wanting to follow the formula. The pattern Pokémon games have followed in the past isn’t a bad one, but I’ve found myself unmotivated to get to the next gym or city. A narrative would help string you along and make you want to go to the city. I look to my personal favorite games — Pokémon Gold/Silver — and the moments that were the most fun were when I’d go to Cianwood Island because Jasmine’s Ampharos needed the Secret Potion or I was stopping Team Rocket from taking over the Radio Tower. Again, glimpses of narrative but nothing that sticks. A fresh approach with an open-world provides a chance to do that.

-Josh M.

To find more information on the upcoming Pokémon Presents, check out our news piece here. Let us know what features you’re hoping to see in a comment below, or join the Boss Rush Discord.

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