Boss Rush Banter: Which New Scarlet and Violet Pokémon Will Be On Your Team?

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are right around the corner, releasing worldwide November 18th. Announced back in February, we’ve had new Pokémon revealed every few weeks, from the starters, the legendaries, and a bunch of other that range from awesome designs to…. weird. From what we’ve seen, which Pokémon are you hoping to train alongside you?

Sprigatito, Feucoco, and Quaxly. Image Credit The Pokémon Company

First off, we’ve got the starters. Starters play a huge role in your journey, so make sure to choose wisely! I’ve been on Team Sprigatito since the announcement trailer, but lately, Quaxly’s been growing on me. Fuecoco looks fun, but there are some other Fire types I’m more interested in. Speaking of which…

Ceruledge, the Fire/Ghost type. Image credit: The Pokémon Company

Another two that I’m interested in are Ceruledge and Armarouge. These two Fire types are version exclusives, meaning you can only get one or the other dependent on which cart you buy. (Armarouge can be found in Scarlet, Ceruledge in Violet). Not much has been revealed about these two. And while I’m not 100% sure who my starter will be, I know full well that I’m putting a Ceruledge on my team based on his design alone. (Sorry, Armarouge, but I’m buying Violet).

Farigiraf, the evolved form of Girafarig. Image Credit The Pokémon Company

We’ve also had a ton of others revealed. I’m a fan of Farigiraf, the Normal/Psychic evolution of Girafarig, as well as Paldean Wooper, the Poison/Ground variant of the original Wooper. Maybe it’s my nostalgia for Johto and the original Gold, Silver, and Crystal, but those are two Pokémon that I’m definitely going to try out.

Scarlet and Violet are so close, we can almost taste them! Let us know who you’re hoping to include on your team in a comment down below, or join the conversation in the Boss Rush Discord.

Featured Image: Nintendo

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