Boss Rush Banter: Should Pokémon Go Back To “Definitive” Editions?

First there was Pokémon Yellow version. Then we got Crystal, then Emerald, then Platinum. The “Third Version” of Pokémon games are often seen as the “definitive” edition of that particular Pokémon region. The stories of these games were usually slightly skewed, featuring elements of both of the prior versions as well as new additional content. The first four generations of Pokémon had these third versions, but we haven’t seen one since Pokémon Platinum for the Nintendo DS. Should Pokémon bring this type of game back?

Pokémon Crystal Version was the first game to feature a female option for the player, a feature missing from Gold and Silver. (Image Source: Pokémon)

After the release of Pokémon Black and Pokémon White, fans were waiting for the announcement of Pokémon Grey, which would have most likely highlighted Kyurem, a grey-ish legendary Pokémon connected to Reshiram and Zekrom from the original games. Instead, however, fans received Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, which served as sequels to the original games. While these games were well received, and are some of my favorites in the franchise, the lack of a single definitive version would leave a major impact on the later games.

Pokémon X and Y, for some unknown reason, never got a definitive version. No Pokémon Z, no X2 and Y2, nothing. It wasn’t until after Pokémon Sun and Moon when we got Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. While these games added in tons of new features, many fans expressed that they didn’t quite feel as definitive. Perhaps this was since they weren’t “sequels” like Black 2 and White 2, but also weren’t a definitive third version like Emerald or Platinum. The content the Ultra games did add felt more like… downloadable content…

The Isle of Armor DLC, as well as The Crown Tundra, went as far as to add extra locations to the regional map, along with about 200 new Pokémon previously unobtainable. (Image Source: Pokémon)

Sword and Shield saw Pokémon’s first venture into DLC with The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra, both obtainable with the Expansion Pass. These side stories added in extra content for the game, giving players who had already beaten the game something more to do. Additionally, you didn’t need to restart the game from scratch in a new game. While the plotlines of these two adventures felt more detached from the main Sword and Shield storyline, they each took us to a new, isolated mini-region of Galar, letting us explore new locations and find new Pokémon. Plus, charging only $30 instead of buying a whole other game to get these added benefits was greatly appreciated by some of us more frugal fans. 

Later this year, we’ll be getting the Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. I’m excited to dive more into Paldea and explore more of the fun open world, but there’s a part of me that still wishes we had gotten something like “Pokémon Chartreuse.” 

Are you excited for the upcoming DLC? What are your thoughts on Pokémon adding DLC in place of a third, definitive version? Do you need to correct one of my opinions? Let me know in a comment, or join us on the Boss Rush Discord

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