Boss Rush Banter: Which Grass Type Starter Pokémon Is Your Favorite?

The first step of any Pokémon journey is the decision of who your starter Pokémon will be. While you’ll catch all types of critters as you work in becoming champion, your starter Pokémon will most likely be with you for your entire journey. In most games, one of the starter options player’s get will be a Grass type for you to choose. So far, we’ve seen nine different Grass starter Pokémon from across the different generations, so which one is your personal favorite?

From the announcement trailer for Scarlet and Violet back in early 2022, I’ve been on Team Sprigatito. The cute little grass cat was too cute for me to pass up, and Meowscarada, Sprigatito’s final form, ended up being a pretty solid member of my end game team. I’ll probably choose another starter on my next Violet playthrough, but Sprigatito will always be favorite out of the Paldean trio.

Look at this little guy! (Image Source: Pokémon)

I also really like Turtwig. While he’s not my favorite Sinnoh starter (that’s reserved for Chimchar), every time I’ve used Turtwig for Platinum, I’ve had a good time. Torterra gets great typing, and has a solid movepool to boot with Earthquake and Crunch. He’s bulky and can recover HP with moves like Leech Seed or Synthesis. In a competitive viewpoint, I’d say Turtwig takes the cake.

This little turtle goes on to pack quite the punch! (Image Source: Pokémon)

But let’s be honest, when you first hear “Grass type starter,” one Pokémon comes to mind before all others, and that’s Kanto’s own Bulbasaur. Going all the way back to the original games, Venusaur continues shine. With the buff to the Poison type when Fairy type was introduced, Bulbasaur’s only gotten better. On top of this, Ivysaur is one of my favorite fighters to play as in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. What else can I say about Bulbasaur?

He’s #001! (Image Source: Pokémon)

We didn’t even talk about half of the Grass type starters here today. Who did we forget? Which Grass starter is your favorite, and why? Let us know in a comment, or hop on the Boss Rush Discord to join the conversation!

Featured Image: Pokémon

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